Sir and i had a long conversation last night ~ not about D/s, just about other stuff.  We’ve both been so busy lately that it’s rare for us to sit down and fully attend to each other. And maybe that’s been part of my problem.

It was good to share my thoughts and feelings with Him.

‘Nilla left a brilliant comment on my last post, about having need to pull back from watching the news and so on after 9/11 because she was swamped with the misery.  i love that she shared her story here.  And of course she’s right.  That’s one way ~ a good way ~ to deal with trauma overload.

i need a different way, because part of my job is to deal with trauma.  So i can pull back from Facebook (although at some point i’m going to need to know about a lot of painful things that i see there too.)  But i can’t pull back from other people’s trauma because that’s a huge part of what i do.  It would be like telling a tight-rope walker who’s having trouble with heights just to keep close to the ground.  Sure, she could do it, but it would require a career change.

So i need to be able to let other people’s trauma flow through me.

Just talking to Sir really helps.

3 thoughts on “Sir

  1. freeingexcalibur

    I struggle with taking on everyone’s frequencies too. I feel pain and before my M came into my life, I was an absorber. It took so much out of me and kept me feeling sad, lonely, overwhelmed et cetera. Your Sir is like your force shield and allows you to filter out or choose which trauma you take on and tackle. Like you said, you can let the trauma flow through you because you have Sir to lean on. I love this for you and I’m so glad you have someone to genuinely share your burdens. I wrote a post about I Feel Your Frequency and I want you to know I so get where you are coming from. Hugs and sending lots of positive energy your way.

    FXC 😀

  2. jadescastle

    One of the best and moving loving acts i think a human can express is to sit with another in their trauma. You need to take care of yourself well to be able to really do that, of course.
    i was thinking when you wrote about control that control can be really empty (devoid of meaning) without the connection. All of that longing for control could mostly be about needed a profound, symbiotic attachment. Maybe.

  3. Wordwytch

    I understand. Wolf and I talk late at night with the lights off. This way there is no interruptions. No distractions. And because it is dark, we let out all of the things that scare us in the light of day.


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