Book Review – Claire Thompson

Just wanted to share that name here – Claire Thompson.  I just read my first book by her and really, really liked it.  Yes, it’s a BDSM romance.  The one i bought (on Kindle) is called Submission in Paradise and it’s a lovely story of a woman finding her submissive self for the first time.

If you want a light, fun read with plenty of kink, this is the book for you.  i understand she has a new one coming out soon, called Beyond the Compound.  It’s based in part on the real life experience of a friend of mine, so how cool is that?  (If my friend wants to out herself in the comments, and maybe share some inside info, that would be lovely, but i’m leaving it up to her.)

On a whole other note, i ran across this quote today:

“An empath is capable of taking on the grief of another in order to lessen their suffering. In order to not be consumed with pain, an empath should have an outlet for that pain lest they lose themselves in feeling for others.”
― Donna Lynn Hope

i am struggling with that a bit these days, and looking for ways to manage more effectively.  i always think that sounds a bit melodramatic, the idea that i could drown in other people’s pain, but i know it’s true.  i think D/s can serve as an outlet for me, but if that door is closed, i’ll have to find another.

So yeah.  That’s where i am today.


One thought on “Book Review – Claire Thompson

  1. vanillamom

    I’ve read Claire, and I’ll second your commentary there. Her stories are enjoyable reads (especially when you can only read in small sips like me!) and hawt hawt!!

    As to your second bit there–when 9/11 occurred, I was trapped, mired in shock, horror etc. I could feel how it must have been–and I couldn’t stop the panic attacks, the nausea, any of it. I watched hours of film, read all I could about it…Then my wife took the remote out of my hand and turned off the tv.
    She never makes orders per se…but this one time she laid down a law–“don’t turn that on again. Don’t watch that. You can’t change what happened, and you’ll destroy yourself if you continue. So just–stop it.”

    And yanno what? It was the one thing that helped me get my equilibrium back. I know you don’t do tv, but read voraciously. And I’m going to offer that same advice. There is injustice in the world, in our country. It’s here — and it has always been thus. Always. Romans v Christians, remember? You do good works–do your part–but you can’t do EVERYTHING. Turn it off. It won’t change what’s happening–but being torn up about it doesn’t either. Take a month off from the news and heal yourself. There will always be bad news, horrible news…but you can filter what you allow inside your head that hurts you so…

    sending hugs…



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