Trust In Action

This is an amazing video.

It is worth watching more than once.

It makes me think of the feeling you have when you know that He has all the control and you are so connected it’s almost more intense than you can bear.  But so perfect.

If you can’t see the embeded video, here’s the link:

What do you think about it?  What do you feel when you watch it?


5 thoughts on “Trust In Action

  1. vanillamom

    It’s beautiful. It’s poetry in motion, it’s balance and trust and power and control and by damn they are two *fine* physical specimens. (I was trying to watch analytically and kept thinking about being in bed (on the floor, against the wall, in the middle of the room–anywhere) with either/both of them. I’m sorry to say that preoccupied me quite a bit. 😀 It really was a stunning piece of… (what did you think I was gonna say?)



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