Giggles and ‘Gasms

i was delighted that so many of you thought my story yesterday was hot!  i’m afraid that i did too, and after i wrote it, i might have been touching myself a bit, and the next thing i know – boom!  Orgasm!!

Which was good, but not good, because i am supposed to get permission for that.


So i had to confess last night, and Sir was all worn out from work and stressed, and didn’t punish me, just said that my ass would pay later.

So today – i was reading some other people’s blogs and – boom!  It happened again!!  Les orgasm.

i am apparently quite out of control.  



12 thoughts on “Giggles and ‘Gasms

  1. hispetitelle

    I’m amazed at the phases our bodies go through. There have been periods where it take me so long to orgasm and then phases where I’m driving, hit a bump in the road and then BAM…orgasm.

    Happy reading!

  2. vanillamom

    well…that piece last night had me all hot and bothered. It was terrific and naughty and …yeah. it it *everY* note of what I’ve been craving. 😀

    naughty you.

    i see punishment in your future…just sayin’


  3. abby

    I just read that story..i can understand your BAM!! Cumming without permission is a biggie for me….so i am hanging on…just barely.
    hugs abby


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