No Kidding

His hand in my hair, right at the nape of my neck.  Firmly enough that my head is tilted back, just a bit.  

“What did you say you wanted?” His voice is stern and He is standing behind me, i can’t see His face.  i giggle – i didn’t mean to, didn’t want to, it just slips out.

“Nothing,” i say, quickly, trying to hide the giggle.  “i don’t want anything – i have every single thing i could possibly want.  Sir.”

He bends His head closer, i can feel His breath on my cheek.  “Oh, that’s funny,” He says, “very odd.”  His voice is silky smooth. “I thought I heard you say you did want something.  Maybe i was hearing things?  Is that what happened?”

And i giggle again, foolishly, helplessly, “No, no Sir, you weren’t hearing things.  No, of course not.  i guess, um yes, i guess i did say i wanted something, but you know, i didn’t mean it!  Not for a second!  i was ~ i was joking, Sir, just kidding!”

He releases my hair,  grabs my arm to turn me so i’m facing Him, “Down,” He says, and i feel myself flush, as i always do when He gives that command.  i obey quickly enough though, dropping to my knees, eyes on the ground. knees open.  Any urge to giggle is gone.

“Let’s try this again,” He says.  “What did you say you wanted?”

Without raising my eyes, i respond slowly, “i said i wanted ~ wanted to see ~ someone do that.  Do this thing they were doing in the movie.  Sir.”

He chuckles.  “That’s closer,” He says.  “But I’d like a bit more clarity.  What were they doing in the movie?”

My mouth is dry, i can barely swallow, i lick my lips, “They were, um, they were piercing this girl.”

“Piercing her?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Were they piercing her ears?”

“No, no Sir, not her ears.”  

“Her nose?  Perhaps they were piercing her nose?”

“No, Sir, not her nose, her ~ well, um they pierced her nipples.”

“Yes.  Yes, slut, they did pierce her nipples.  Show me your nipples.”

That’s easy enough, i am only wearing a robe, we had been relaxing on the couch, watching a movie.  i open the robe so my breasts are exposed.

“Take the whole robe off,” He says, “I want you naked.”  i slide it off my arms, His foot between my thighs encourages me to spread my legs wider.  

“Make your nipples hard,” He says.  Embarrassed,  i flick them lightly with my thumbs, but “Do you need me to do it?” He asks, and i quickly pinch them harder until they are both erect.  i can feel the heat between my thighs, the warmth of my pussy burning.

“Pretty,” He says.  “They would look nice pierced.  I’ve been thinking about that long enough, don’t you think?  I think it’s time to get serous.”

Frightened, i look up ~ i know He means it, He has been talking about it, and i have told Him already that i belong to Him and He can do this, but the butterflies in my stomach are fluttering wildly.  “Sir ~” i say, and i don’t know what i was going to add, because He shakes His head sharply, “Down,” He says, and i lower my eyes, my heart racing now, pussy throbbing.  And i know we are not finished.

“What else did they pierce?” He asks.  “They pierced her nipples, and yes, I am going to have your nipples pierced.  Pinch them again, please, hard.  I want to see them standing up, yes, that’s good.  Now tell me, what else did they pierce?

“Her ~ her pussy, Sir.  They pierced her pussy.”

“They did, didn’t they?  Show me your pussy.”

i started to try to spread my legs wider, but “No, not like that.  Lay on your back, pull your knees back so I can really see you.  Hurry now.”

Humiliated, i obey, slipping my legs out from under me and laying back, pulling my knees up, opening myself to Him.

“Good girl,” He says, pinching and pulling at the outer lips of my pussy.  i am so wet, His fingers are slippery with my juices.  “So let me see if I remember this right.  In the movie, they pierced her pussy, maybe here,” pulling at the lower part of the lip, “or maybe here,” touching the upper part, the hood, “or maybe they pierced her clit, right here,” and as He touches my clit, i rear up, whether to escape or to get closer to his touch even i don’t know.

He smacks me, smacks my pussy hard, and laughs, “Hold still, slut.  We will tie you down tightly when I have you pierced here.  Now, where was I?”  He continues to explore my pussy, caressing, pinching, rubbing as He says, “They had pierced her cunt, and she screamed, and then I said ~ what did I say, slut?”

i can barely breathe, barely talk, but i say, “You said ~ you said ~ maybe you should do that to me, Sir.”

He laughs, “That’s right!  Good girl, that is what I said.  And what did you say?  Do you remember now?”

i say, “Yes, Sir, yes, i do remember, Sir, but – but ~”

“But what?  Do you want me to whip your butt?  What did you say?”  i know He’s enjoying my distress, but i can’t help it.

“i said,  “I wanna see you do that.'”  And i start to giggle ~ i just can’t help it.  “i know, that was what i said, but you KNOW i was being sarcastic, Sir, you know i was!!  i DON’T wanna see you do that!!”

“Maybe it’s not about what you want.”  

“Sir!  That would really hurt!”

“It would.  Yes, I imagine it would.”  He is silent, and I raise my eyes to look at Him, He doesn’t notice because He is looking at my pussy.  As if ~ ~

~ and i lower my eyes quickly.

“Right here, I think,” He says, pinching the lower part of my pussy lip again.  “I would want to be able to attach a chain to it, like in Story of O.”

i don’t dare say anything.

But He asks, “Who do you belong to?”

“You, Sir, i belong to you.”

“And if I want to pierce your cunt?”

“Then ~ then you can, Sir,” i say, and i know that it’s true.

“Look at me,” He says.

When i am looking into His eyes, lost in His eyes, He slides His fingers into my pussy, moves His other hand to fill my asshole as well.  “Whose pussy is this?” He says.

“Yours, Sir.”

“Whose ass is this?”

“Yours, Sir.”

“Who do those breasts belong to?”

“You, Sir,” and looking into His eyes, i know that it is all true, i belong to Him completely.

He smiles, a smile of love and satisfaction.  “Yes.  I’ve already made the appointment for tomorrow.  Rings in your nipples, a ring in your cunt lips.   You’ll be lovely.  Now roll over, head down, ass high, I want to fuck you now.”


23 thoughts on “No Kidding

  1. jadescastle

    Whew. Hot, hot, hot. SR has thought about getting me pierced. First, she wanted to mark my face-my natural dimples-with diamonds. i suggested that might impair future work for me. She got past it. Then, she thought about my nipples. Privately, i think they are one of my most attractive body parts. i hope she doesn’t think further on it….um…i doubt she has any interest in clit piercing, thank God. Heh.

    1. sofia Post author

      Yep, nipple piercing makes me cringe a bit, but clit piercing – yikes!! i hope all your body parts are safe from unwanted piercing. Unless, you know, Sir Raven decides it IS wanted, in which case… yeah. 🙂

    1. sofia Post author

      Hi, Lifestyle Gambler – Ok, i believe you, but i gotta say, getting my hood pierced would seem a lot higher on the scary scale than nipples. Wow. Thanks for reblogging me, too, i’m glad you thought it was hot!

      1. LifestyleGambler

        For me it was about the number. I can get through anything once, but twice!? No guarantees there lol. Plus my nipples are very sensitive and there is a lot more tissue to pierced than a hood which is a very thin piece of skin. I wish I had the guts to pierce my nipples, but so far it’s still a no go for me.

    1. sofia Post author

      Oh, cool, Michelle – am glad you realized it wasn’t! I always hit “fantasy” for category when it is though – although, with WordPress’ new format, i could have missed it. But i’m glad it seemed real, and glad you liked it!

  2. LadyP

    This seems the right moment to share my story:

    Mylord said: “I want to mark you. I want you to be marked as mine.”
    I said: “I would love to wear your mark. What do you have in mind?”
    He said: “I want you pierced.”
    I said: “Where?
    Mylord said: “I haven’t decided yet.”
    Soon after there was a piercing event at the club we sometimes attend. Up till the event Mylord had regularly teased me about the piercing, pinching my nipples or my tongue, saying things like “Will it be here or will it be here?” I had sort of convinced myself that it would be a nipple, it seem like the obvious choice.
    At the club, a group of people were at the Gynecologists chair, waiting their turn. When the piercer called me, he asked me “What kind of piercing will it be?”
    I said: “I don’t know. Mylord has that decision.”
    The piercer looked at Mylord, who sent me a smile and said: “A hood piercing. I want her to wear a vertical hood piercing.” I gasped and stepped back, but Mylord was right behind me and spoke into my ear: “You can do it! Do it for me. This is what I want. It will only take a second.”
    The pain was like a bolt of lightning – terrible but for a few seconds only.

    1. sofia Post author

      LADY P!! It’s great to see you here again!! And what a story. That’s a blog post all by itself. Very intense and hot – and true!!


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