A Cushion

Sir has given me a task – i’m supposed to pick out a meditation cushion, so i can sit at His feet comfortably.  How cool is that?

Questions – do i want a Zafu, a Cosmic Cushion, the Heavenly Buckwheat Bean, the Rectangular Meditation Cushion, or the Zabuton Meditation Cushion?  Stuffed with kapok, buckwheat or spelt?

images images-1
images-3images-2 images-1images-4


If you’re interested, you can read more about the choices here.  If you have a meditation cushion and advice or thoughts to offer, please share – either in the comments or email me at sophia.hisservant@gmail.com



13 thoughts on “A Cushion

  1. Soume Stalked (Fury)

    I think you should go into stores and try them. Some you’ll know right away aren’t right. And some might feel better. Just go and try.
    And smell them too. I love the smell of buckwheat. At least I think it’s buckwheat. That’s what’s in the heating pad I have and it makes me feel nurtured.

    1. sofia Post author

      That’s a really good idea, Fury. I’ll have to see where they carry them… surely somewhere here. Nice to know that about the smell of buckwheat too.

  2. vanillamom

    A friend had a buckwheat pillow and said it was “unyielding”…but then again, it was for bracing his neck….I’m not sure if that would be good for sitting on for long periods or just a somewhat mooshy substitute for the floor…


    sorry, I’m no help but I’m glad you’re getting a cushion!


    1. sofia Post author

      Thanks, ‘Nilla – i don’t know either. It might be good support? i think Fury’s right, i need to go try some.

  3. monkey

    After long repeated usage the Kapok compacts.You can open the pillow and fluff it but it’s a pain.That is the drawback of using natural materials. I would pick the kapok over the buckwheat even so. I like the buckwheat in my neck warming pillow thingy but not as cushioning.


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