Yep, still alive..

…Just got ate up with vanilla.


For my seriously grammatical friends, i’ll add that “ate up with” is a colloquialism meaning many things, but in this case it means “interested in to the point of obsession,” or “consumed by.”

Here’s the long version:



“Ate Up” essentially has many different meanings, such as other words we use. Some interpret the meaning as “Interested, to the point of near obsession”. It also can mean strange, stupid; or weird. It’s also a military slang used to describe a soldier who lacks organizational skills, which is partially interchangeable with soup. Soup sandwich typically is used for more serious levels of unsatisfactory performance, while ate up is used more frequently. “Man, I haven’t been hungry all day. I’m too ate up from last night.” It can also mean crazy or insane. It is an adjective describing obsessive or eccentric behavior. In reference to a person’s rational behavior as “eaten” or consumed. Could be referring to someone who is saying something stupid, but its funny as hell. And it’s also described as being burnt out or exhausted from the use of illegal drugs, usually ecstasy.

But Sir was sick after our out of town trip, and i was busy trying not to be sick, and then i was sick and ~ you know how that goes.  It’s hard to get back in the groove.  But we are busy and happy and just still kinky enough to keep me happy.

And i’ll be blogging regularly again, i’m sure.  In the meantime, just in case you’ve missed it, is the trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey.


I think it looks pretty good – but i do NOT understand how this trailer was approved for all audiences.  REALLY?

No.  Just no.




4 thoughts on “Yep, still alive..

  1. Jz

    Once upon a time, I was describing a favorite dish to a friend … and she looked at me and said, “White folks eat weird shit.”

    Now, WHY that moment would come to mind after reading a post about this weird-ass southern/central colloquialism, I can’t say…. (ahem)


  2. greengirliam

    I’m sorry you were sick – I figured life was happening – it has a way of doing that. It’s cool to hear you say you are happy and busy and kinky enough to keep you happy.


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