Where Have i Been?

i just got through reading Lil’s post here about some kerfuffle in blogworld (apparently in the DD category?) and i know nothing about it.  So of course i’m curious.  Who lied and what was it about and how did they get caught?  Enquiring minds want to know…

{If you know who it was and/or what happened, feel free to comment it, or PM me or email me at sofiahisservant@gmail.com  I know, it’s not any of my business, and i don’t like to be in the middle of drama, but i don’t like to be in the dark either…}

And of course, as i read Lil’s post, i had to check myself.  Am i honest here?  Could i be deceiving people?

Well, if i’ve given you the impression that it’s all whips and chains at my house, or that Sir and i are just living happily ever after in D/s bliss, then you’ve been led astray.  i don’t think i’ve given that impression, but you never know.  And there are things i don’t share here, because it’s not really your business.

Sometimes, i write a fantasy that sounds like it could be true.  But i always mark my “fantasy” in the categories, so if you watch for that, you won’t be confused.

Other than that, i pretty much am who i am, and ‘nilla and fiona and jz and a few others can vouch for me, so there’s that.  i’ve been really lucky to have gotten to know some bloggers irl, and know that they are for real too.

i don’t worry a whole lot about how “real” someone’s stories are though.  This is the blogoshpere, we’re all here for our own reasons, and it’s good to take many things with a grain of salt.   But then most of my kink life has started on-line, so i know there’s a lot of reality out there.

How about you?  What’s your experience been like?



5 thoughts on “Where Have i Been?

  1. jadescastle

    My experiences have been really good with blog-land. i feel i’ve come to know and cherish people, like you. 🙂 i made a calculated choice when i started my blog to not write just about the happy/sexy/fun times or to write a sex blog. i was aware that would keep the numbers down and i figured it would keep down the drama too! i was told once that i am more “dramatic” on the page than in real life (lol) but my friends recognize that my blog is the one place where i don’t edit myself at all. i don’t write fiction and wish i could. Lots of your fantasies (which are clearly marked as such) are really sexy and another interesting window into your world. i think the drama people are busy trying to “out slave” each other.

  2. ksst

    If I write a fantasy it has “fantasy” right in the title or on the first line. I leave out tons of stuff, just because I have to or I’d never be done writing. I also leave out things that feel too personal.

  3. SirQs MLB

    Oh sofia, you are very real and your blog is fabulous! I thought when you and nilla and your Sir and I sat at your kitchen table, it was interesting when He asked what this whole blog thing was about…specifically what our blogs were about. I hadn’t really thought about it, but ya, we do all have slightly different needs and bents to our blogs. nilla’s is a mix between kink, vanilla and a lot of great fantasy writing. Yours is some fantasy and some kink and some vanilla. Mine is mostly kink…with hints of vanilla and almost no fantasy. Interesting blogland world, huh.

    Thanks for being fabulous…ya, I’ll attest to that.


  4. Wordwytch

    You know, stories are well… Stories! Real life is tamer and stranger than fiction. If someone wants to read between the lines and come up with the idea that I’m writing while suspended by my nipples, then more power to them. And if they don’t like my blog, well then they can’t read any more!

    sigh… I write erotica. It is what it is.


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