Jenna’s Toy Box

i know, you’re wondering who  Jenna is and what her toy box is doing in my blog.  Well.

Sir and i left town for the weekend.

Last night, we went exploring.  Found a place to eat dinner.  Didn’t find a place to buy a bottle of wine.  Found an adult store.


He wanted to go to this one:


But they were closed.  A few minutes later, He sees another one.

Jenna’s Toy Box.  There it is, in all its adult bookstore glory.  Um, toy store.  Toy store glory?  Whatever.

It’s deserted.  i guess most people have other stuff to do on the Fourth of July.  But Sir is shopping for our own personal fireworks.  {giggling…}

No pictures of this place, it’s just a rectangular box, no windows.  We make our way in, through the back door, feeling sleazy.  The clerk on duty barely glances up as we wander past the rows of videos.

Sir wants to know if there’s anything that appeals to me.  We’re standing in one of the (many) rows of dildos and vibrators and other cock-like things.

Um, no, no Sir, not in particular.  {blushing just a bit…}  Actually, i was kind of looking for one like the very first one i ever had, which disappeared from my underwear drawer mysteriously a long time ago.  i didn’t see one like it.

So we wander the aisles, and Sir asks me some more questions.  Like, which of these nipple clamps do you think we should get?  i think, none of them, but i pick up one set, “um, maybe these?”  And he scoffs, “Noooo, those are like the ones I’ve already got!”

Um, yes, Sir, what’s wrong with that?  But no, he buys these.



And then, we’re in the butt plug aisle and He’s enthusiastically pointing out different options, while i blush and giggle and assure Him we don’t need any of those, no really, Sir, we don’t.

But he pays no attention to my protests.  With great delight, He says, “O, look!  This is for beginners!  That’s you, right?”

i nod, um, yes, Sir, definitely.  “But we really don’t need that Sir…”

“Would you rather I get a bigger one?”  He asks.  “Ok, maybe you’re not a beginner,” He shrugs and reaches for another one ~~

~~ and i say, “O, wait, no, yes, yes, Sir, i am a beginner!  Yes, i really am,” giggling again, and he says,

“So you do want this one,” and i can only agree.



And we get some lube.  i am totally in favor of that.

This morning, He wants to know if i’ve been experimenting with the nipple clamps.

“No, Sir.”

“Well, don’t you want to know how they feel?  Aren’t you curious?’

“Um, no, Sir, actually i don’t think i want to know.  No need to torture myself ahead of time.”

He smiles, that sweet Domly smile, and says matter-of-factly, “Ok, so when I put them on you, I’ll use the gag to muffle your moans.”

i gasp, “Sir!” and start giggling.

“What?  That’s what the gag’s for, right?  And you know your eyes are gonna get real big when i put those on, and you’ll go like this,” and He does His imitation of me in sudden shock and pain.  Nice.

i giggle.

It is simply perverse that this makes me hot…


11 thoughts on “Jenna’s Toy Box

  1. sirqsmlb

    Oh, Sofia. Those are clover clamps and they hurt like a motherfucker!!! Yikes. Be REALLY good. 😉

    Have fun. He IS the master manipulator…getting you to ask for what you didn’t want to ask for.


  2. monkey

    Those tighten as the chain pulls. or if you move, or your breasts bounce, and when you jiggle, or he breathes on them. Are those really blue colored? If they are you have the same ones I do 🙂 although mine have not been put to any use since I stopped seeing F.

    1. sofia Post author

      Yeah. i think they’re gonna hurt. Although Sir says that it’s not the pinch, it’s the weight that hurts. Yikes. That’s why i’m really not like egging him on to hurry up and use them. 🙂

    1. sofia Post author

      Lol, Fury, different colors could feel different, i guess… they could be color coded for weight or intensity of pinch? Ok, yeah, probably not… 🙂

  3. Wordwytch

    First I thought… you’re screwed. Then my brain said… Nope, she’s clamped and plugged. 🙂

    So nice to see you getting your kink back on though. 🙂


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