But ~ But ~

So i thought i had it pretty well figured out.   Sir was only letting me have 7/8th orgasms, so i quit asking.  Why torture myself needlessly?

Then He decided i could have a full orgasm ONLY if i’d already done a 7/8th orgasm at least once previously.  Perfect.

After my lovely orgasm the other day, i was ready for more.

i asked for permission to do a 7/8th and got that approval.

i did that one.

Then, last night, i asked for permission for a full orgasm.

“Did you do your 7/8th?” He asked.

“Yes, Sir, i did it Monday.”

“You didn’t tell me you did.”

“Um, no,” on shakier ground now, “No, Sir, i didn’t know i was s’posed to.”

“Well of course you’re supposed to!   Next time, make sure you tell me.”

“Yes, Sir!  i will, for sure!”

“So you think you want an orgasm tonight?”

“Yes, Sir!  Pleeeeeze…”

He nods.  “Ok, yes you may!”


And i was gonna.  i was totally starting some dark fantasy in my head, drifting, starting to touch…

…and i fell asleep.

Not even a 7/8th orgasm to claim.

But tonight ~ right?


Sir says no.  But ~ but ~

~ apparently that orgasm expired last night.   No one told me the clock was ticking, but ~

~ it doesn’t matter.  Gone.  Poof.


Gone.  Just like dust in the wind.


4 thoughts on “But ~ But ~

  1. monkey

    Thanks for the earworm.

    So your Sir is working off the abscence makes the heart (and other parts) grow fonder theory? I could feel the sputter in your “but, but” , and while I hate to admit this in public, where it could be seen and used against me, that denial? The because he can kind? makes me hot.

    1. sofia Post author

      Hey, you’re welcome on the earworm – everybody needs one from time to time.

      And yeah, I thought it was hot too. Not fair, but hot. 🙂 And actually, him controlling my orgasms has increased my interest in seeking them out – weird, huh? I’m one of those “if i don’t have one for too long, i quit caring” people – which is why telling me i could only have a 7/8th one all the time encouraged me just to forget the whole idea. But if he alternates… yeah. That’s encouraging.


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