A Little Night Time Fantasy…

i had a difficult day yesterday, and Sir kindly took me out for ice cream to cheer me up, and then listened to a detailed description of the events that had made the day difficult, as well as all the underlying sociopolitical factors involved.

That was so far above and beyond the call of duty, or even the call of love, that I felt almost guilty asking him if i could have an orgasm too before i went to sleep.  He agreed, much to my delight, and it wasn’t one of His evil 87.5% ones either.  {Although, He stipulated that my next one will be partial.}

So i had a little fantasy as i moved toward that stress-relieving orgasmic moment.  It went something like this:

She hears him in the hall, hurries to the door, smiling, ready to welcome him home.

She is surprised to see another man with him.  What does this mean?  Will they delay their usual ritual?

She’s relieved when her master wraps his arms around her, as he always does, but blushes when he pulls the bodice of her dress down, exposing her breasts. Her nipples rub against his shirt.  His hand in her hair keeps her from turning her head to see if the other man is watching.

Then he releases her, lets her take a step back, and she is too shy to look away from him.  So she keeps her eyes on him as he says, “John, this is my girl.”  He brushes her nipples with his thumbs, making them harder, and she bites her lip, still watching her master.  Her pussy is wet.  Maybe wetter because she can feel the stranger watching her closely.

She is not sure what to do next, but the stranger says, “What is next in your greeting ritual?” and she knows then that she won’t escape the rest of it, that her master is going to expose her intimately to the other man.   She looks at her master pleadingly, but he nods, “Go ahead,” he says gently.  “Over the couch with you.”

But he kisses her first, a deep kiss that turns her focus completely to him.   In that moment, she would do anything he asks of her.

She walks to the end of the couch, pauses only long enough to pull her skirt up around her waist, then bends over.   She’s wearing heels, and her ass is higher than her torso.   She stands with her legs about shoulder width apart, as he’s taught her to do.  She is blushing at being exposed this way before another man, and more so when she feels hands – her master’s hands? – on her ass, spreading her cheeks.

His fingers penetrate her and she gasps.  He removes them, commenting, “Very wet.  She’s very wet already.”

She knows what comes next.  Her daily spanking may very in length and intensity, depending on how many infractions of rules she’s committed, or her master’s mood, but she knows there will be a spanking.

The stranger says, “Will you start with your hand?”

“Usually,” says her master.  “I will today.  I’ll want to warm her up pretty well before we go too far into this.”

His hand is stroking her ass, and she waits, enjoying the caress that she knows won’t last long.  When he raises his hand, she holds her breath, knowing what will happen next, but before he can land the first blow ~~~

sofia comes, with a lovely trembling orgasm that shakes her whole body.  Ahhhhh.  So much better now.  Yes.

Thank you, Sir.







4 thoughts on “A Little Night Time Fantasy…

  1. vanillamom

    ohhhh…that was mean! (and you say *I* am a cliffhanger-er??! Trumped!) Yet I understand that just at that moment…*THAT* moment…the fantasy crumbles and all there is is sensation and bliss and release of tension…and sleep. 😀

    Good one, my friend, verrah verrah good.

    (I’d love to hear the conclusion of this sordid tale, btw)


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