All That Was Left…

When it was over – this was all that was left.


Yep, that’s the “little” red ball gag.  It’s not as bad as i thought it was going to be.   Although ~~ when he stuck it in my mouth, and fastened the straps around my head, (after my arms were securely tied,) and said,

“Now.  I’m going to go take a shower.  Don’t go anywhere.”

i tried to protest, but He grinned, “I can’t tell what you’re trying to say with that ball gag in your mouth.  Was that a ‘Yes, Sir?’  No?  Sorry, you’ll have to tell me later.”  And He headed up the stairs.

Leaving me to wonder what was going to happen next.

And later ~ much later ~ there were these.



Yep, that’s a thin strip of wood, a little stingy.  The leather belt, folded over ~ my personal favorite.  And the HUGE paddle He made.  All three of those were very effective on my bare bottom sometime later.  But first,

He ties me to a chair.  My arms are suspended from the hooks in the ceiling, which are about 8 feet apart, but with plenty of rope, it’s not too uncomfortable.  You can see – the rope on the right has clasps that he uses to attach them.







So i’m seated on this chair, and He ties my legs to the chair.  Not tying them open, practically tying them closed.  But very securely.  i am not going anywhere.  He puts the ball gag in.  Fastens it.

Then He leaves me to take His shower, and i’m waiting and waiting, and wondering what’s going to happen next ~ He can’t spank me in this position or touch my pussy, which is growing wet from the combination of being restrained and silenced and left to wait and wonder… and He can’t even use my mouth with the gag in it!

So of course, duh, there is only one part of my body left .  He returns ~ unbuttons my white shirt, and exposes my breasts.

He starts with some gentle pinches and tugs at the nipples.  Then the flogger.  Ahhhhh.  It is both stingy and lovely, painful and wonderful.  Mmmmmm.

But then.

Did i tell you He made this thing?  Yeah.  Here it is.


It’s a ~ i think it’s called a pressure pump ~ only He adapted it.  He got it on sale at one of the Dom stores, marked way down, and adapted it for His own nefarious purposes.

The tip ~ this part ~


~ just fits over my slightly elongated nipple, an effect He achieves by tugging on it.  The nipple, that is.  Then He places the opening over the nipple and pumps the gun, watching the pressure gauge carefully.

The pressure increases quickly ~ nothing ~ oh ~ oh, yikes ~ omg, omg!  And then He stops.  Switches to the other one.

Having fully sensitized my nipples, He can lightly flick them, or just breathe on them, and watch me squirm.  He does that for a while.

He removes the ball gag to allow me to tell Him how very much i’d like to be allowed to suck His cock, please, Sir, please.  Which is so true, there is nothing i would like better.

So He unties me, bends me over the back of the couch, and uses the toys of His choice ~ i suppose to make sure i’m tenderized all around?  Then He lets me kneel at His feet and pleasure Him.

When He is done, and i’m hoping for an orgasm of my own, He starts talking about that 87.5% thing, which freaks me out for a minute.  Fortunately, He is kinder than that, and some appropriate begging leads to permission for a lovely, lovely orgasm for me…

So you’ve seen what was left.  All of that, and a lot of lovely memories.    Thank you, Sir.



17 thoughts on “All That Was Left…

    1. sofia Post author

      Lol, it does look a bit like a cricket bat, although Sir pointed out to me that it’s not carved like a cricket bat. 🙂

  1. jadescastle

    He is brilliant. The gag though? Drool is NOT sexy. Really, really. i’m delighted for you (both). i’ve missed you but have been quietly reading and-always-holding you in the light.

    1. sofia Post author

      Nope, jade, drool is NOT sexy. Nope, nope, nope. But you know, um, don’t tell anyone, cause i feel kinda guilty about this, but for whatever reason, i can still swallow with this gag. Minimal, minimal drool. Thank goodness!!

      and i’ve missed you!!

      1. jadescastle

        i’ve missed you, too! Muchly, even! 😀

        Three cheers for swallowing for sure. Don’t feel guilty. i think that the point is so we can’t talk, right? Heh.


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