Just for Kicks

i may have actually posted this before, but it makes me giggle every time i see it.


And while i’m here and posting things just for fun, i thought i’d post some champagne and fireworks in honor of Jz’s 5th blog anniversary over at A Reluctant Bitch.



I really need to talk about this diabolical pump thing that Sir bought, but maybe not today… Today i am wasting spending my time reading ridiculous books (Janet Evanovich) and hanging out on Facebook.  So just to complete the good times, there’s this:

And I had to come back and edit this to say Happy Summer Solstice!!


Glory of the Day-Star, hail!
Lifter of the Light, Burnisher of the Sky.
Gifts of love to earth are bringing,
Summer’s shimmer, dew’s delight.

Dancing be the heart within us,
Open be our souls to bliss,
Courage vanquish every shadow,
Greet Midsummer with a kiss.

– Greeting to the Summer Solstice
from Celtic Devotional – Daily Prayers and Blessings
© Caitlín Matthews



3 thoughts on “Just for Kicks

    1. sofia Post author

      Thanks, Fury, I’m so glad you enjoyed it! It just tickled me – and yeah, the Hilary part was great. I’m glad you’re my friend too!


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