My Little Red… Wagon?

Nope, not wagon.

My little red ball gag.

Make no mistake about it – i have been clear on more than one occasion, that i have no interest in gags.  Not ball gags.

The panties He stuffed in my mouth from time to time were ok, because i didn’t drool with them.  Ball gags make you drool.  i am anti-drooling.  In fact, i may have said it was a limit for me.  Some kind of limit.  Maybe not a hard, hard limit, but a soft hard limit.

When Sir tells me he has bought me a gift, i never know what to expect.  A glass pitcher from Goodwill, a new butter dish, or this pump-it-up suction device that i’ll have to tell you about some (other) time.

So i’m glad i was all warmed up and in the right headspace the other night, when He says, “O, I have a gift for you!!” and He pulls out the little red ball gag.

i make some protest, some whiny “Sirrrrr….” but it’s weak.  And He easily sweeps it aside ~  “No, don’t worry, you’re gonna like this,” adding, as He places the ball in my mouth,  “Or at least I’ll like it.  And that’s what matters, right?”

i’m all limp from spankings and orgasms and such, so even though some little part of my brain is screaming BALL GAG ~ RED ALERT  i can only nod weakly.  Of course, Sir, whatever you say, Sir.

And then there’s a ball gag in my mouth, so i can’t really say much of anything anymore.

O, my.


17 thoughts on “My Little Red… Wagon?

  1. vanillamom

    oh myyyyyy…

    and I did a double take at the title because when Master is fingering me…and i’m all sore and whiney about it…He’ll say “shhhh, I’m just looking for my little red wagon”….

    Red ball gags…drooly yummy. That’s some serious buttons your Sir is a-pushing, my friend. 😀 (I like it…!!)


    1. sofia Post author

      That’s hysterical, ‘Nilla – looking for my little red wagon. Ha.

      And i’m glad that YOU like red ball gags. i could send you mine! {giggle…}

    1. sofia Post author

      Lol, Monkey, i could send it to you too!

      But actually it was a much better experience than i had expected. And i suppose Sir will want to keep ours. Never mind…

  2. Jz

    Sorry to swim against the popular stream but TMJ Woman hates balls gags too.
    Weenie Girl doesn’t like drool but it’s the TMJ that really makes me run screaming into the night…

        1. Jz

          Nope, you got it.
          Technically, TMJ is the joint and TMD is the problem but nobody I know with it calls it TMD… We all go *right* to the source. 🙂

    1. sofia Post author

      Dear Jz, If i had TMJ, ball gags would have been a hard, hard limit. That’s a whole different ball game than not liking the ideal of drooling.

  3. faithfulreader2

    Isn’t it great when you have a limit, or you think you have a limit but then all of a sudden you don’t have that limit anymore and you start wondering was it really a limit in the first place?


  4. Wordwytch

    Oh damn! Taking the kink to new levels. 🙂 Gags of any sort are a NO GO for me. I’m asthmatic, and so we don’t even go there. Hell, Wolf has enough trouble/issue with the fact that I sometimes pass out and don’t breathe for a minute or so.

    1. sofia Post author

      Nope, you’re right Wordwytch, if i had breathing issues, we would not have done the gag thing!! i can imagine that you not breathing for a minute or so (a MINUTE??? That’s a looooong time! i hope it’s just a moment or two…) would freak Wolf out. Yikes!

      1. Wordwytch

        Yeah, longest time was about a minute. We figure that I hyperventilate on the way to orgasm and then my body just relaxes… and breathes when it wants. Wolf does freak. He growls “Breathe!” in my ear.


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