New Days, New Rules

It started simple.  A new rule around bedtime.   It used to be, i would say i was going to bed, and

~~ Sometimes He’d say, “Ok, go get in bed,” and i’d go brush my teeth and wash my face and jump in bed, and then at some point after that, He’d come tuck me in and tell me good night.

~~ Sometimes, He would ignore my “i’m going to bed” statement and keep talking to me, and we’d chat for a while and then i’d say, “i need to go to bed,” and sometimes he’d say…and sometimes He would ignore… and that could go on for a long time.

Get the picture?

It didn’t actually involve rules at all, it was just that i wouldn’t go to bed until He said “ok.”   i guess i could have, he never said i couldn’t, i just didn’t.

Then it all changed.

One day, out of nowhere, He says, “From now on, you have a rule about bedtime.”

me:  “A rule?  Yes?  What kind of rule?”

Him:  From now on, you need permission to get in bed.  You can get ready for bed any time you want to, but after you’re ready, you have to come ask me for permission to actually get in bed.”

me:  (thoughtfully) Ok.  Sure, i guess i can do that.

Him:  Oh, I KNOW you can do it.  And if I’m not home, you’ll need to text me and get permission.  But here’s the thing.  I might not say yes.  I won’t keep you from going to sleep, but you might have to sleep on the floor until i’m ready for you to get in bed.

me: {with just a touch of hesitation} Okaaaay.  i guess i can do that…

And He takes a step forward, grasps my hair, right at the nape of my neck, He tilts my head back and, smiling that feral, Dom smile, He says, “You guess you can??”

And i’m laughing, because ~ i don’t know why, that’s just what i do sometimes, i’m laughing but i’m saying, “i mean, “YES!  Yes, Sir, that’s what i meant to say, of course i can do it!  Sir.”

He smiles, and lets me go, and i’m grinning, a silly grin.

That’s how our New Days of Kink began.




6 thoughts on “New Days, New Rules

  1. vanillamom

    That is freaking hot. And is there anything meltier than *that Dom growl* ? Yeah, it’s just that good. 😀


  2. monkey

    I’m so happy for you!!! and that laugh? The one that isn’t really appropriate but you ca’t help it? It’s just making a joyful noise.


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