A Long Time Ago…

A long time ago, or maybe a few weeks ago, I had the most wonderful weekend you can imagine.  It started with picking ‘Nilla up at the airport, and breakfast with friends, and then Fiona joined us at my house, and we went to a music festival and hung out with Sir and had drinks at a bar with fish in it (no kidding) and we laughed and acted silly and listened to music until we’d had enough and then we went home – to my house – and had a lovely dinner (take-out, no time to cook) and lots of chocolate for dessert and sat around and talked and talked – vanilla and kinky all intertwined.

It was So Much Fun.

i already showed you the present that ‘Nilla’s master gave me – the box of half-O’s – and i showed them to Sir, who had never thought of torturing me that way before, but now He does, and seems to be liking it entirely too much.  Only, being Sir, they’re not “half-O’s” and i don’t have to go exactly to the brink of orgasm and stop, no, i have to have 7/8ths of an orgasm.

Yes.  That’s seven-eighths.   At first, He said 90%, and that i could have it any way i wanted ~ that i could have a 10% orgasm 9 times, or a 90% orgasm once, or 2 45%’ers, 3 30% ones, or ~ well, you get the idea.

i was a bit overwhelmed and maybe even baffled by this array of unfortunate choices, so He said, “Oh, no, wait, let me change that, let’s make it 87.5%.”

i said, “WHAT?”

And He said ~ “7/8ths. Think pie cut into 8 pieces, and you get seven of them.  So if you break an orgasm down, divide it into 8 parts ~ 8 parts would be a full orgasm, or 100%, but you only get to have 7 parts of it and then you have to stop.”

Which, i didn’t really need all the math explanation, i can do fractions, so i grin and say, “So, can the 8th part be the after waves, that part after the peak of the orgasm?  Like, can i go ahead and have the orgasm, but then i just don’t relax and let it settle in?”

He says, “Are you being a smart-ass?” in his Serious Dom Voice, and i giggle, and He smacks my ass really hard twice, which gets rid of the giggle, and i say, “Yes, Sir, i guess i was, but i think i’m done with that,” so He spanks me a couple more times for good measure and says, “Seven-eighths.  I hope that’s clear now.”

And i say, “Um, yes Sir.”

But that’s not what i want to tell you about.  i want to tell you about ‘Nilla and Fiona and how much good chemistry there was among us, and how i felt like i knew them as well as i know anyone and we just belonged together.  There could have been some awkwardness, but there just wasn’t.

i love them both.

We had a wonderful day and then Fiona had to leave, in the wee hours of the morn even before i was up, and that’s my only regret, that she couldn’t stay longer.  Really, we were the 3 frigging kinky Musketeers.

Fiona has this wicked sharp sense of humor, and an aura that’s full of sparkle and passion and then ‘Nilla is warm and nurturing until you notice the fire in her, just barely banked, and the edge of her humor too, and omg – they are so much fun.

And we’re sitting around talking, with Sir, who’s having a good time too, and we slide from vanilla to kink and back to vanilla and all shades in between, just talking about stuff.  It was such a treat, i didn’t want it to end.

There are more presents ~  ‘Nilla brings Sir a gift.   Mmmmhmmmm.   Check this out:


Spoons.  They’re wooden spoons.  Big ole thick, mean, evil wooden spoons!   Yes, He has used them.  And yes, they hurt ~ hurt ~ hurt!!

Except sometimes.

Sometimes He uses one on my pussy not too hard, and it just kind of cups me ~ like a warm embrace.  Well, kind of like that anyhow.  Ahhhh.  It’s lovely.

And Fiona, who is the most creative gift giver i’ve ever known, leaves these that morning on her way out the door:


Pretty, right?

Inside was MORE delicious chocolate



Yes, that’s our ‘Nilla posing with it.




And on top of all that, there were fancy pens and a little booklet of mandalas to color ~ how cool is that??

But the icing on the cake ~ the piece de resistance ~ was the clothespins.  Two packs of them.  Check this out:



Not just any clothes pins, but fancy clothes pins, all decorated pretty, two packets.  One little note says:  “For everyday use.”  The other one?  Yeah,  It says “Think Kink.”  With a smiley face.

Is that not awesome?

And then i feel bad ~ a little bit bad ~ because i don’t have gifts for them.  😦  But i decide not to wallow in “O, i’m not a good enough friend,” and just enjoy every minute of the time we have together and appreciate ‘Nilla’s ~ um, i guess thoughtfulness is the right word ~ and Fiona’s wonderful, whimsical, creative style.

Then ‘Nilla and i have two and a half more days that are just packed pretty much to the brim with fun and laughter and interesting conversation and more music and dancing and food and ~~ yeah.  It is too much fun.  i stay up late and get up early cause i don’t want to miss a second of it.

And i was going to blog about it, blog about it all right then, only my life kept going really fast, and faster and faster.  There were more fun things, and then there was some not-so-fun but not-personal drama, and then more fun, and more drama, and ~~ suddenly Sir starts being all kinky all the time and assigning 7/8th orgasms and spankings and more ~~ and it’s all spinning, spinning along, with barely time to absorb it all ~ and no time to process or blog!!

Then i start feeling bad because i didn’t already blog it, and that’s not so much fun either.

But today i’ve taken the whole day to myself, which has been lovely, and at last i’ve had some time to think and remember and let the feelings of joy and belonging and openness that i felt with ‘Nilla and ‘Fiona come flooding back and try to write about it, which ~ i can’t possibly do it justice, but i hope you know and they know that i love them dearly and am sooooo so glad we got to spend time together and we really have to do it again sometime.  Soon.

And sometime, i’ll have to blog about my newly-kinky-again life…




14 thoughts on “A Long Time Ago…

  1. vanillamom

    awwww….that’s a lovely piece, lovely. And we must be on a wavelength or something because I took an hour this a.m. before a very busy day…and wrote about our time together as well (but it’s posting on Half nekkid Thursday coz it just…well…you’ll see why. :D…

    It was a beyond lovely time. We were the 3 kinky musketeers. You captured fiona’s essence perfectly…she does sparkle…and not in a blue-eyeshadow way, but just in a beautiful *alive* way.

    And you, beloved sister of my heart…you are both a spark (so naughty!) and a calm balm. I don’t know how you balance that, but you do it beautifully.

    Glad you liked the spoons (sly wink)…and you can be sure I’ll tell Master how much Sir enjoyed your gift box and his adaptations…!!


    1. sofia Post author

      That is amazing – that we both posted about this today! i loved your post – and the extra-something your brought to your pictures of the clothespins!! Thanks for your kind words here too. A spark and a a balm – i think you’re too kind – but so nice to hear anyhow…

      As for the spoons and half-O’s – hmph – more on that later!

      hugs, sister of mine…

  2. subkitty

    Sounds like such a beautiful experience and what thoughtful gifts!
    I agree with Fury, your gift was the gift of hospitality.
    Maybe next time your Sir, nilla’s and Fiona’s can have a gathering of their own…. 😉

    1. sofia Post author

      Thanks, subkitty, it was wonderful. As for the thought of our three Sir’s getting together? Omg. Omg, um no, i think maybe not. Giggling…

  3. monkey

    While I was reading this I had the exact same thought Fury and subkitty did. You said, “And then i feel bad ~ a little bit bad ~ because i don’t have gifts for them” and before I even read the rest of the paragraph, I was thinking,”But you were such a welcoming hostess, that’s a big gift right there”.

    It sounds like a lovely time, and I for one need to hear more about your Sir’s recharged kinkiness. 🙂

  4. mc kitten

    I’m so glad you all had such a great time – it’s been great reading all the different posts about it!

    I cant past the notion of a fraction of an orgasm, let alone 7/8ths of one… an edge I can do, a ruined one I can do, but a percentage of one?! How the heck does one achieve that?! I’m intrigued and baffled at the same time!

    1. sofia Post author

      Thanks, Mckitten – i know, fractional orgasms are crazy, right? Fortunately, there is no objective way for anyone to measure them, so i figure i get to make it up myself. i’ve decided that 7/8ths is when i get to that point where i can see the end in sight – like, oh, yeah, getting close, there it is, just over that hill – and that’s where i go, o, wait, no, too bad… and stop. That’s how it works for me… 🙂

  5. faithfulreader2

    Yea! for Musketeers
    Yea! for Chocolate
    Yea! for Kink Revival
    Yea! for 7/8’s. (better than no 8ths!)
    Yea! Yea! Yea!


  6. Wordwytch

    7/8th’s? Dayyymn! However, I’m smiling here, so happy that you had a good time with Nilla and Fiona. 🙂 Even better that you have kink back!/ Lots and lots of hugs, and have a good time with those spoons and pegs!


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