i could be wrong…

So, um, i have rules.  More specifically, i have a bedtime rule.

i have to get ready for bed, and then come get Him to put me to bed.  i have to ask him “may i go to bed, please, Sir.”

Last night, He said “No,” and made me sit on the floor at His feet.

That was after He wouldn’t let me go take a shower because He was talking to me.  He does that all the time, i’ll say, “ok, i’m gonna go get ready for bed,” and He just keeps talking, or He’ll ask me a question, so i don’t leave.  But last  night, He actually caught my leg between his legs so i couldn’t move – He just did it casually, but when i said,

“i’m going to go take a shower,” and He didn’t move His legs, and i said, “Um, i can’t move unless you let my leg go,”

Then He laughed and said, “Do you think I don’t know that?  You’re not going anywhere.”

And i thought, “O.  But ~ O.  i guess, um, i guess maybe i don’t pay attention enough?  Maybe He really does Dom me in subtle ways?  And i just take it for granted, and don’t recognize it because i’m used to it?”

And maybe that’s so, because when He started talking about tying me to the bed, more than He already does, which is just a rope around my ankle, although sometimes He ties my ankles together too, well, He was asking me how long i thought i could sleep in one position, because sometimes if you can’t move, it gets real uncomfortable, and did i think i could be held still for 3 or 4 hours?

And i thought, o, hmmm, some people might think this conversation is a bit nuts, why would  i let Him tie me up so i can’t move?  And i can remember a time that would have freaked me out.

So maybe He’s much more subtly dominant than i realize, and maybe i just haven’t been paying enough attention.  But He wasn’t a bit subtle last night.

He told me to take my shower and then put on one of the white shirts with buttons, and come let Him know when i was ready for bed.  And that was when He said, “No,” and made me sit on the floor by His feet ~ which felt so good, and i got to put my head on His thigh, and He stroked my hair, and ~~ yeah.  It was just what i needed.

Then He ~ o, He led me to the hallway and made me stand with my head against the wall and He spanked me – but just one ass cheek.  At last, He led me to bed ~ and ~

Then He tortured my nipples – punishing me a couple of times for not responding appropriately to questions with a really painful pinch.  He smacked my ass until it was stinging and tender,  managing eventually to even up the pain in both cheeks…

and even took a picture of it.  No, i’m not posting it here.  You know, unless He tells me to.

He says that when i let Him know how much i need D/s, it frees Him to act on His desires.   i guess i’ll have to tell Him more often…

Ok, and thank youall for putting up with me on this emotional roller coaster, like a bizarre game of “He Doms me, He Doms me not…”


14 thoughts on “i could be wrong…

  1. vanillamom

    I’m just sitting here beaming…I think we (subs) have all needed such a cosmic clue-by-four….my gosh was there something in the air last night? I got my head straightened as well. I’m so, so happy, dear friend, to read this. And what a great giggle…He doms me, He doms me not…hahahah!


  2. greengirliam

    I can’t tell you how many times he has had to say, “You aren’t paying attention, what do you think i was doing, what do you think that was about..?” Seems they want to do it their own way. I am so glad you’re feeling better about things.

  3. mckitten

    wait, he ties you to the bed every night already?!

    Of course I’m in a different point on my journey than you are on yours, but couldn’t help but think that isn’t exactly SUBTLY dominant, and chuckle a bit!

    1. sofia Post author

      Hi, McKitten – i know, right? i even thought about that when i was writing it, lol. But He hasn’t been doing it all the time for a long time because we’ve had lots of overnight guests. And actually, He doesn’t tie me to the bed, He ties me to a – well, a tether, it’s like a big rock, kind of. It weighs about 15 pounds, and i can carry it with me in the morning when i get up to make coffee.

      Yeah, um, i guess that might seem like a reminder. Even if it’s not every night. Giggling…


  4. Cailin

    Its the little things that add up to the big things…that end up becoming the everyday things that are life changing! And dont stop reminding him…he as.much as told you to tell him more often. I try not to let a day go by…or a thing he does slip by without telling him what it did for me…or how happy it/he makes me….

    1. sofia Post author

      i think those are wise words, Cailin. i will work on reminding Him – and on paying more attention to the things He already does. Thank you.

  5. Soume Stalked (Fury)

    I’m just guessing from what you’ve said here, but I think is that it sounds like he needs some reassurance that you want him to Dom you.

    Where you offer some power and he takes some power. It’s not a relationship where he takes all the time.

    It seems natural to me that you’d choose a man who’d need to check sometimes to ensure you both know you are in a relationship like that on purpose, that he isn’t abusing you.

    Not sure if I’m making sense, but it makes sense in my head.

    1. sofia Post author

      Yes. You’re right, Fury, that makes a lot of sense. And the fact that i’d prefer that He read my mind and that i’d prefer not to have to ask or reassure – that’s really irrelevant. Yeah. He would worry about abuse. Thanks.


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