That’s Not What I Said

His voice is stern.  “That’s not what I said.  I told you to strip and bend over the bed.  And here you are, just standing here, trying to cover your self.”

i can’t speak, He’s right of course, i am just standing here, one hand over my breasts, the other trying to hide my ~ well, you know, trying to hide me there.  Down below.  Whatever you want to call it.

“Hands behind your back,” He says.

i hesitate, and He raises one eyebrow.  Laughs.  “Come here, ” He says, holding out HIs arms.

i step forward, into His embrace, now His body is hiding my body, and i am ready to snuggle close to HIm.   He holds me firmly with one arm, but he grasps my wrist with the other, pulling it behind my back.  Then the other arm, and before i know what’s happening the cuffs on my wrists are linked together, the little click as they’re joined makes me shiver.

Then He steps back, and i am exposed.

He nods, “That’s better.  You will be punished for being slow to obey.  Of course.”

He pinches my nipples, both at the same time, firmly between thumb and index finger.  i squirm, whimper.

He taps the inside of my thighs, and i open my legs wider, i know i must do this.  They have shaved me, and i feel so bare and don’t want to do it, but i must.

He penetrates me quickly, with two fingers, i am wet and they slide in easily, but still make me gasp.  He smiles.

“Slut,” He says.  “See how wet you are?”

He steps back and, “Turn around, face down, bend over.”

i turn – i don’t want to do this – He’s going to spank me, i don’t know how, with His hand or a paddle or a crop, i don’t know, and whatever He does is going to be worse because i didn’t obey in the first place, i didn’t offer my ass before He walked in the room, so i will pay extra for that defiance.

i’m glad

i need to be checked, i need to be brought up short, i need to be punished.  i welcome that first blow, His hand on my right cheek, hard.

“What do you say,” He says?

“Thank you, Sir.”


12 thoughts on “That’s Not What I Said

    1. sofia Post author

      Thanks for reading, and for commenting, aeronmacarthur! I’m not a big zombie/apocalypse person, although I did go to a zombie event once. I’ll have to check out your blog.

  1. hispetitelle

    I like that snippit. I’m not one to push for a punishment, but there are times I really want to get punished and know that I should and he just doesn’t do it. There is something about the administration of punishment. To me it says, “I control you and you are worth correcting.”

    1. sofia Post author

      Thanks, His petit elle – I love that – “I control you and you are worth correcting.” That’s exactly what it is. 🙂

  2. vanillamom

    I love being thrust right into the middle of the mental miasma…emotions and sexual needs and disobedience and all the rest…a fierce, hot little tale…



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