May is…

…Masturbation Month!

That’s right.  i would have forgotten if it weren’t for Tori at Pain’s Pleasure (thank you Tori.)

At first, the words to The Merry Month of May kept going through my head, and i was going to post a YouTube video of folks singing that.  Fortunately, i listened to the song first and realized that, in real life, it is not as appropriate for the occasion – or even as much fun to listen to – as it had seemed in my head, so i am sparing y’all that.**

Anyhow, back to masturbation.

When i’m having lots of sex and lots of sexual arousal, i want more.  i can be practically insatiable.  But when i’m not getting a lot, i can lose interest completely.

For sure, i’ve been in a low interest phase lately.  Sir says i have a spanking fetish and i can’t disagree with that.  But i think it’s a submission/spanking fetish.  The submission part – at least a taste of it, a hint of it – needs to come first, or the spanking doesn’t really arouse me so much.  So overall, it’s been a low excitement life.

Although – thanks to Jz – i’ve had a bit of arousal lately.  i had started reading some BDSM romance novels, and had been fairly disappointed in the results.  Jz suggested i try Cherise Sinclair’s books, and o, my, yes – i’ve been tearing through the Masters of the Shadowlands series ever since.

They’re not too hardcore and not too wimpy – they are “just right” for me.  They have character development, and plot, and lots of dominance and submission, a bit of pain, and they end in the best Happily Ever After way.   They remind me of my favorite ‘nilla stories.

So as i move into celebrating May, i’ll look for inspiration where i can find it… and maybe write some of my own.


**Words to the first verse…

While strolling through the park one day

In the merry merry month of May

I was taken by surprise

By a pair of roguish eyes

I was scared but I didn’t run away





7 thoughts on “May is…

  1. Jz

    I’m glad you’ve been enjoying CS.
    It’s always such a crapshoot to recommend stuff.
    (but I know *I* sure like her books a lot! :-D)


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