A Foolish Girl

Not just any foolish girl, you know, it would be me i’m talking about.


Last night, Sir said something about making my ass warm and pink, maybe putting some stripes on it.  In my heart, i was jumping up and down with enthusiasm.  But ~~

~~ instead of saying, “O, yes, Sir, please,”

i said something rebellious instead.  i don’t even remember what it was.  Not something mean, but something cutesy rebellious ~

~~ and He laughed.  Laughed out loud.  Like, “Silly girl, what are you thinking?”

And i was excited.  i thought, “He’s going to snatch me up and spank me anyhow!!  Yay!!”

And then ~~~

~~~~ nothing.

Nothing at all.

Sometimes we get what we deserve.  Sometimes, we deserve what we get.



So when i mention this to Sir –  all coy – “i thought you were going to spank me last night…”

He says, “I was!!  You said it wasn’t a good night to do it because you’d had too much to eat!!”

Deflated, i say, “O.  Hmm.  i can see that.  But i didn’t think it was up to me.”

He went on, “Right!  I thought about that later!  But when you said it, I thought, well, I don’t want to cause any digestive problems with you bent over the bed.”

O.  i guess i can’t actually complain about that.

Foolish girl…


9 thoughts on “A Foolish Girl

  1. Soume Stalked (Fury)

    I can see why you’d have done what you did and why he’d have done what he did. And why you’d now feel sorry. Would it be better if you brought it up again? Maybe tonight? And if you say, specifically, that you think you made a mistake?


    1. sofia Post author

      Hi, Fury! Thanks for reading and for commenting!

      That’s probably good advice. What i didn’t mention here earlier, is that He was planning on taking a picture of my just spanked ass. So i did tell Him later this morning that what i really meant was that i thought i was too fat for it to be a good idea to take a picture of my ass – that was what i meant. He said, no. Of course, He also said that it’s like make-up – that he has an image of the bright pink/ reddish ass that he’ll be photographing, and the color is what makes the picture. Hmpf.



  2. Betsy T

    I’ve been really struggling with my responses lately too and I almost always regret it! Sometimes it is so hard to keep my mouth shut especially because in real life I tend not to. It’s funny how much more non-submissive than I knew. I never realized it until I learned how to be submissive to Sir. I hope you get the spanking you need tonight!

    1. sofia Post author

      Hi Betsy,

      Thanks for the good wishes, and thanks for reading and for commenting. Submitting can be hard, for sure!!


    1. sofia Post author

      Thanks for the support, McKitten! i had to talk to Him – it was too easy to imagine all of you saying, “Talk to him! Talk to him!” i figured i’d take the advice ahead of time. 🙂

      i hope i get the spanking soon too!!



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