Fiona is lovely.  And intense.  Warm and outgoing with a wicked sense of humor.

i was so glad to see her!  We met before, you know, so i knew lunch would be interesting and fun.  Fiona has a way of being present,  being wholly with you in the moment that is captivating.

We met at Sir’s daughter’s house before we went to lunch.  She charmed Sir’s daughter immediately, and fussed over the babies, who would have been caught up in her spell too, if they had been awake. i know i was!

And she brought the babies gifts, which was wholly unnecessary and incredibly sweet.  But they were adorable gifts – miniature comfort blankets, soft and cuddly, but small, with a stuffed animal attached.  i can’t explain it well… but trust me, they were adorable.

She brought me a gift too, which she should totally NOT have done, because you know, really?  Just having lunch with her was plenty of gift.  And then i felt bad because i shoulda got her a gift.  So she brought me an adorable tea cup set, with little spoons and little plates to put the teabag on.  They were entirely too cute.  i told her she was awful, and she is cause you know, she shouldn’t have gotten me anything, but she did and i loved it, so thank you, Fiona!!

And there will be payback at some point.

At lunch, Sir made me blush when he started telling her about how we celebrated my birthday and casually said something like, “We started with a birthday spanking,” and i turned red and Fiona laughed and – yeah, it was one of those moments that doesn’t happen often for us bloggers.  Sweet.

So we talked – and talked – and talked.  Fiona and Sir both have a fascinating array of stories to tell.  Fiona is dramatic and funny – did i say funny?  Smart.  And interesting.  It was a great lunch.

i’m so lucky to have met such wonderful people through blogging.  Strange, isn’t it?  Without blogging, Fiona and i would never have met.  Without kinky blogging, if we had met, we would never have known we have so much in common!!

We talked about a dungeon in another city – and how much fun it would be to go there.  Sir has been to this one, but neither Fiona nor i have been. and i’m thinking it would be a blast to go.   Can you imagine?  Us, and Fiona and Fiona’s Sir, all at the dungeon?

Yeah.  Good times ahead.







5 thoughts on “Fiona!

  1. sirqsmlb

    It is such a gift…to have friends that we wouldn’t otherwise have. You fill a place that would otherwise be left empty. Thank you! I’m all those things huh? Funny, I have this tendency to read a description of me, or something I do, and look for the negative…the fault. I have to stop that! UGH. Thank you so much for your kind description. I loved lunch and YA!! Dungeon time would be…OH SO FUN … and nerve wracking…but I’m sure I could have the nerves beaten out of me 🙂


    BTW, you have fabulous stories yourself, girly! Don’t sell yourself short.

  2. Conina

    I want to have lunch!

    With you two.

    Especially if there are babies.

    Fiona does do the most amazing gifts, I agree. Also to the feeling like there must be payback.


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