i just got a text from my Sir.

7:30 on a Wednesday night.  He is out with some guy friends, doing guy things.

i have just finished dinner.

The text says:

I’ll be home at 8:30.  Buttons are requested.

You probably don’t know what that means, but i do.  It means i wear one of His starched white, dress shirts – the kind that has the button down collar, but it’s the buttons in front that he likes.

Simple white panties.

i know.  Simple white panties, bluh.  But it’s not really, exactly play-time.  It’s – it’s more about ~~


At least it used to be.  Who knows what tonight may bring…

Theoretically, i could look like this:


I don’t actually look like that, but theoretically i could.  i might feel like that!

Omg.  7:45…  TTFN!

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