Too Much

i’m ok, but overwhelmed at the moment.  Have been out of town overnight, and spent most of the trip and all day today with a co-worker, which is a whole lot of togetherness for me.  Plus there was a training that involved being “on” for several hours straight, and hours driving home and ~

~ Sir is spending time with friends, and

~  there are a whole bunch of things that i need to be doing ~ things that i feel weighing on me, things i’m pulled toward, people i need to talk to, people i want to talk to, chores i need to do, some bills to send and bills to pay, an appointment to shift, laundry waiting, and

~ some of those things tug at my heart, and some of them are like cobwebs, i feel like they’re always with me, and

~  i’m not going to do any of them tonight.  i think i’m going to bed.

i want Sir to be here and to make me sit at His feet.  Not even make me, just tell me to.

i want Him to spank me, hard but not too hard, maybe with the belt, slowly, for a long time.  With His hand first, slowly, not like He wants to get it over with.  Taking His time.  Switching to the belt.  Ending with His hand, maybe.

That’s not going to happen, not tonight anyhow.  So i’m going to bed.  Tomorrow’s another day.




One thought on “Too Much

  1. Wordwytch

    Your post reminds me of us. Trying to find time without interruption. Or pain. (aches, not spanks) or without something scheduled.
    Lots of hugs!


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