The Book I Was Reading

Actually there were two of them – i got them at the used bookstore and they were clearly about D/s relationships.  Romance novels though.  And mostly sex.  One of them had some spanking, but it was purely sensual.

The first one, the one with some spanking, started out real well.   It was called Bound to Trust by Jaci Burton.  It had that right level of tension between her wanting to submit and not wanting to.   But then it lost that edge and was pretty much just great sex.  Not that there’s anything wrong with great sex, but that wasn’t really what i was looking for.

The other, by someone with a different name, but same initials, was also mostly straight sex.

‘Nilla writes a better story than either of them.  i could write a better story than either of them.   Actually, lots of us could write better stories than either of them.

On a whole different note, i think that youall were not as amused by my last post as i was {except for Jade, thank you very much} or at least you didn’t comment on it.   i’m sorry if the humor didn’t come across…

i had been doing really well on not eating compulsively, until yesterday, when i ate all day.  Feeling not-so-great now and glad to start over on only eating things that make me feel good.   Not necessarily that make me feel good in the moment, but that i feel good after i eat them.

Next goal is exercise every damn day.  i really probably need to do yoga, i can feel my body aging and getting stiffer every day.  But something, some exercise is better than nothing, right?  i also need to spring clean my house, and a zillion other things that are probably not going to get done today.  And that’s ok.


13 thoughts on “The Book I Was Reading

  1. vanillamom

    awwww…that’s sweet. Thank you for the compliment. I feel the same way about needing yoga (but when? right now I feel crappy again. Why is it one takes an antibiotic, then gets every damn thing coming down the pike afterwards? I’ve been SO healthy for a year, for gosh sakes.)

    exercise every other day is going to be my mantra. I need to work up to walking for a trek I’m taking with a group my son is involved with, which will entail MUCH walking…I have about 2 months to get my butt ready for that.

    Sending hugs…


    1. sofia Post author

      Yep, ‘nilla, we share a lot of things like that! i’m so sorry you’re not feeling well yet – hoping you’re all better SOON!!

  2. Jz

    I’ve been disappointed by Jaci Burton, too.
    She gets good reviews but I’ve suspected for a long time the the reviewers aren’t actually kinky themselves, just easily titillated.
    On the other hand, I have been accused of arrogance more than once, so take that with a grain of salt…

    (have you tried Cherise Sinclair?)

    1. sofia Post author

      i think you’re absolutely right, Jz. i don’t think they’re kinky at all, they just like lots of sex. And i have not tried Cherise Sinclair – but i’ll have to now!! Thanks!

    1. Betsy T

      Ugh! I hate the whole food issue! I’ll probably be 100 and still obsessing about what, when and how much to eat! I’ve been trying to exercise more but life gets so damn busy. I do love yoga though. Have you tried the hot version? It’s hard as hell but I feel great afterward. Sweaty and exhausted, but great 🙂

      1. sofia Post author

        Hi, Betsy – Thanks for reading, and for commenting!! No, i haven’t tried hot yoga, although i know someone who does it – does that count for anything? {giggle} i’ll be with you there at 100, trying to figure out if i can eat just one ice cream cone.


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