Have I Got This Right?

i know, i haven’t answered all the wonderful comments youall left yesterday, but i just wanted to make sure i got the point – i should include lots of sighs in my communication with my Sir?  Right?  Because after all…

It’s my party and I’ll sigh if i want to, sigh if i want to, sigh if i want to… you would sigh too if it happened to ~~

What?  It’s not… the song isn’t… Really?  It’s “CRY” if i want to?

Well damn.

{Giggling hysterically…}

Seriously, i totally hear youall.  I will not be passive-aggressive, i will be honest, and i will NOT sigh.  Not once.

i love you guys.


8 thoughts on “Have I Got This Right?

  1. jadescastle

    (giggles) We love you, too. Even your sighs. We want this talk to go well, which is why i offered my own fails on the topic as an example. Many hugs and hope for it to sink it. i think we should all get together and make a PSA with a powerpoint which features the stages of grief, sighing, tears, accusations, and perhaps a pin or two.

  2. faithfulreader2

    Love when you giggle. Even if it is over serious stuff. Glad you decided to follow the “no sigh zone”. If your Sir is anything like my Master, he will appreciate the honesty and not the drama. And besides, they know when we are not completely honest anyway.


    1. sofia Post author

      Thanks, faithful – it’s really good to see you here! i worried when i saw your blog was down. Hope everything’s ok.

  3. vanillamom

    oh, this was great! I was mostly off computer this weekend…but this made me giggle. Funny sub, you are.



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