Calling All Tentacle Lovers

This one’s for ‘Nilla – check out this link:

And here are a couple of the pictures:


They’re underwater worms.  Even I have to admit they’re pretty cool.


o-WORM-900I do not even want to think about having one of them anywhere near my ~ well, i started to say “private parts,” but this is a sex blog, right?  So let me change that, i don’t want those worms anywhere near my “you-know.”

(I may not be as funny as i think i am….)


Back with more answers to questions – we still have 12 days of March to go.

7 thoughts on “Calling All Tentacle Lovers

  1. jadescastle

    well, how thoughtful to provide pictures. And you made me laugh out loud. Somehow, “private parts” seems perfectly acceptable for a sex blog when you can’t even think about tentacles and well…you are just hoping those parts stay private. From tentacles.

    1. sofia Post author

      Lol, Jade, you’re right – it is not unreasonable to want to keep private parts private in that sense – good point!!


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