A Jade Question?

Jade questions, but no answers….

Jade asked me three questions – three more questions.  Here they are:

Just one sentence…
Can you think of one sentence that has been:
1. The most erotic anyone has ever said to you?
2. The most genuine?
3. That best captured who you are in words?

i love those questions!  i feel like the answers to them are right around the corner of my mind.  And i can’t find them.

i was going to try to answer one of them now, but as it turns out, i really can’t.  i just don’t know.

i will continue to let them tease me, trying to find my way around the corner of my mind.

Jade, can i come inhale some smoke from your cigarette or your Master’s?  Not to actually smoke, just waft the smoke toward me so i can inhale it through my nose, almost like smudging, but you know, not quite.

i read a thing today – an article – about 15 things empaths should do.  It was very strange and made me not much want to be an empath.  If i even am.  But at the time, (just a few minutes ago) i was feeling really overwhelmed with sadness about all the suffering in the world – on frigging Facebook.  i know.  i should just get off-line. But no.

i gotta read about all the pain and suffering, post after post.  Silly.  And now – omg

Now – there’s this guy that i knew a long time ago, he had a crush on me back when we were both young.  And lately, he’s been all over me on Facebook.  Commenting, liking my posts, posting on my timeline.

Right now, as i write this he has private-messaged me.  The message starts with a big smiley face icon, wearing glasses, and the content is:  “What’s kicking Chicken?”

Seriously.  “What’s kicking Chicken?”

It makes me want to run screaming into the night.

i went out with him once, right after i got divorced the second time, because, you know, he’d had this crush on me forever, and it seemed like a good idea, but it was awful.  Awful on so many levels, i can’t even tell you.

So i told him it was too soon for me to be dating.  And that was that.

But now all of a sudden he’s all over me on Facebook, and i – oh, ugh, i don’t want him to be.   It feels icky.

There is just too much sadness for me right now.  That’s not anything to do with him, ya know?  The sadness is a whole other thing, but then there he is in the middle of it, and it makes me feel so bad that he still — 30 frigging years later – has a crush on me and i can’t stand him.

And he’s not really a nice guy.  Ya know?  He thinks he is.  i guess on some level he is.  But he isn’t really

Yeah, enough of that.

i would rather think about Jade’s questions.

The most erotic thing – what was that?  who said it?  Was it the guy we called The Mad Hatter – the tall, slim man who was the most exotic and erotic person i had ever met?  In my 20’s then, and he was soooo fucking sexy.  And sophisticated.  Well, it was a long time ago.

I thought he was a Dom, and I didn’t even know what a Dom was.  Looking back, I think he was just kinky, and maybe he was evil, I’ll never know, cause I ran away from him before i could find out.


The Mad Hatter, he introduced me to bagels and lox and champagne for breakfast, we drank sangria, and he fed me the cherries, tied me up one night with stretchy nylon ties that were always attached to his bed posts.  He said they would tighten if i struggled, and he put my hands through them so i could feel them on my wrists and it was so so hot…


It’s time for bed – i won’t post this til morning, but it’s night now.  Good night, dear friends…

OH!  i’m reading a really fun book – i’ll tell you about it next post.  It’s a BDSM romance novel – how cool is that??


21 thoughts on “A Jade Question?

  1. vanillamom

    You need to disconnect. Seriously. I get how hard it is. clicking “unsubscribe from notifications” will turn them off in your feed. When you feel less overwhelmed with sadness, you can turn them back on. The world will still go on without you being overwhelmed with sadness over things you can not fix. Sometimes the MOST important thing to fix is you.

    as to “squick-out guy”…unfriend him. If your senses are saying “squick” its for a reason.

    GIANT HARD HUG…wrapping you in a quilt of love and peace…


    1. vanillamom

      And Yeah –I get that comment ….well, that was totally bossy of me. And maybe a bit ..reactive…since my sister is in very obvious pain. That’s what happens when we love someone, so you’re stuck with overreactive me. 😀


      1. sofia Post author

        Thanks for the quilt – and we call that being a leader, not bossy. 🙂

        i love you in all your personifications – over-reactive, slutty, frazzled mommy, and so on. Just saying. 🙂

  2. jadescastle

    It maybe shouldn’t, but when i think about the joy of being able to smoke around a person who is a non smoker and will enjoy it, well it just makes me grin. We just So. Much. Shit. and really all of the TV ads warning us in the most graphic terms possible….they just make us anxious, which makes us smoke. Because cognitive dissonance. There’s a study for you, if people who have that in other areas of their life too are more inclined to smoke. Or use drugs. Or whatever.

    Um. Well, that was a rant. Sorry. (sheepish grin)

    Yes, i’ll be sure and smudge you. Seriously, white sage does help with the empath struggles. Whole foods sells it and a lovely selection of natural bath products as well. The white sage happens to be in the beauty/bath product area.

    Mr. Not-really-nice-guy sounds creepy. Ignore him.

    i balance out the sadness of life, which i am regularly treated to in Psychology, by playing on pinterest. It’s like getting to design with zero mess and effort. There is a topic for everything you can think of. Yes, even us. 😛

    The answers to my questions will come when they need to come.

    love you, sugar,

    1. sofia Post author

      i know – our culture is soooo mean to smokers, and it doesn’t help a bit. Actually, those graphic warnings and pictures resulted in people smoking more, not less. Yep, cognitive dissonance is a fascinating thing.

      Yeah i might do the white sage smudge. i’ve done some smudging before and found it helpful. And i might get a couple of crystals – quartz and amethyst i think…

      Pinterest, however, looks like an artsy-craftsy, Better Homes and Gardens kind of hell to me. i’m not even venturing in there. i’m glad you enjoy it though!

      And you’re right – answers always come when they’re supposed to…

      Love you.

      1. jadescastle

        Nooo. Pinterest also has lovely photos of collars, kneeling women, art, sexy lingerie. All sorts of inspiring things. i avoided it before too, because all i could imagine were those awful photos of women holding a cake on their front steps (who does that?). The stuff you expect is there as well but you are not forced to look at it and can search for whatever pleases you. Also, you can add websites that you want to revisit in one place, which is nice. i have one page devoted to things that are just about femme beauty to me, full of thick models with curves in corsets or just wearing pearls. The page makes me feel pretty just looking at it. It’s just an idea but i thought i could at least do a better job explaining.

        1. sofia Post author

          Oh cool. Thanks. I can get stuck on an unsupported erroneous idea of something and dig my heels in. So thanks for this.

        2. monkey

          I’m on pinterest in two forms, both as my public self, and again , as knottylittlemonkey. Come play with us, sofia, I can collect all the beautiful shoes I want and not pay a penny (or have to wear the torturous things).

  3. submissiontosubmissiveness

    I’m sorry I don’t comment here more, but I read. I really enjoy the way you write.

    Sorry about life. It will get better though.

    I stopped logging onto Facebook awhile ago -4-5 months maybe- I feel out of the loop but life is better without all the drama.

    “What’s kicking Chickin?” I don’t even know what to say to that lol.

    1. sofia Post author

      Thanks for commenting, and nice to know that you enjoy my writing! i appreciate you stopping by to say so.

      Yeah, Facebook can be too much. Nice to know there’s life after it.

      And really, what can anyone says to “What’s kicking Chicken?” i was thinking “Go the fuck away,” might be appropriate, but it seemed a bit harsh… lol

      Thanks again…

  4. jadescastle


    Oh, i just realized what i should have said to begin with. They have *shoes* sofia, tons of shoe porn. Yes. My femme board is full of red bottom heels. Heh. You can follow people who like the same stuff you do so it goes right to your feed, like FB, minus chicken comments.

    And…i thought the sentence thing would be easy. (shrugs) i had immediate thoughts on each of them for myself but maybe certain things just stick in my head well. (Other ideas not so much but we know that)

  5. sofia Post author

    Hmmmm, shoes is quite a draw, i might have to seriously consider that.

    And yes, i figured you had your own answers to those questions already! i think that’s true most of the time when we ask that sort of thing. I would love to hear your answers!

  6. monkey

    I am sending a big huge warm hug. I feel for you. There have been times in my life where I just had to turn off the news, and stay off line. 100 years ago we would have been exposed to the lack, want, and evil of our little communities, now, we can see it the whole world over. It weighs on a persons soul. Seriously, take a break, come to pinterest 🙂

  7. Wordwytch

    Block Mr. Creepy. As for too much news, switch to Newsola. (http://www.newsola.com/#/us) That way you only read headlines. It’s the pictures that get us. Snag us, drag us down. Think about the fact that even as little as 50 years ago, news took time. So, the whole thing didn’t swallow us whole like it does now.
    Most of all, do something for YOU. we had a rough weekend, and I’m taking me time. So can you. Lots of love and hugs!!!

    1. sofia Post author

      Thanks, Wordwytch, that all sounds like excellent advice. You’re right, we know so much more now about what’s going on. It’s good though because it lets us see patterns of things and combat them more effectively. But yeah, it can be overwhelming. i will take some time. 🙂 Thanks!

  8. innocuous37

    unfriend the Chicken-man. Or block him. Or both. Really. So it hurts his feelings? He’s creepy. And he upsets you. So we don’t like him. I think pinterest might be good. I’ve looked there a couple times, but I’m not really there. Mostly because I don’t have time.

    Big hug – Nilla’s quilt sounds good! Well, shoe porn does too. My biggest problem with shoes like that isn’t even the price, it’s the age of my feet I think. Sigh.


    1. sofia Post author

      I hear you on the “age of your feet” thing Sin, i’ve had to adjust to the idea that there are some heels i just can’t wear anymore and i’m sure i won’t be able to wear ever again. It’s kinda sad. And i will take steps to keep Chicken Man off me.

      Thanks, Sin. 🙂

  9. Lady P

    This last comment made me laugh out loud (at work, Schyy)
    My mind pretty much works like a Cartoon and I just saw this man in a chicken costume chasing you…
    Let him fry!
    Lady P


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