Abby’s Questions

1. When did you first realize you were submissive?

I was first aware of it when I was fairly young, but it was very connected to sex.  So if I felt a deep sense of intimacy with someone, i would want to be submissive to them.  Unfortunately, the men i shared that kind of intimacy with were not budding Doms and they were baffled by my sudden declarations of wanting to belong to them or wanting to do anything they wanted.  i learned not to say it.

I didn’t embrace my submission til much later, when i was in my late 40’s.

2. What words make you feel immediately submissive?

This is awful, but i’m not sure i remember…  One thing that does it though is being told what to do and how to do it in a certain tone of voice.

But i don’t think i’ve slid down into that place of immediate submission in a long time.  A hand in my hair right at the nape of my neck has been another good way to get me there.

3. If you could plan a play time….how would you want to start? What would you positively not want to include?

i would want it to start with something that would make me feel submissive.  Being told to sit at his feet, or take his shoes off would be a good beginning.  Or told to take my clothes off.

i would not want it to include – i dunno – water play.  Any of my hard limits.  Other than that, i don’t think i’d care.

Great questions, Abby!!  Thanks for asking.


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