Jade’s Questions: Part I

1. Do you go to MAsT or other supportive community gatherings together?

The short answer here is “no.”  I have, in the past, been involved in community gatherings, but only a few with Sir.  We mostly quit going after we connected with each other.

However.  Sir did say something today about maybe re-connecting with the community in some way.  i’d like that a lot.  Ideally, i’d like to be friends with a few couples and get together and talk about stuff.  i don’t think i can get real involved in the community here, for reasons i won’t go into.  But maybe we could be on the periphery somehow.

Another possibility would be to go to events away from where we are.  That would be fun.  There are a lot of events within driving range of Here.  Some of them are near other bloggers we know too.  I don’t have anything kinky to wear anymore though.

2. When did you start writing fantasies?

Oh, I don’t know.  I’ve always done some writing, but fantasies only in the last 5 or so years, I guess.  I think I started when I wasn’t in a relationship and was trying to stay interested and aroused to some extent.

For most of my life, i believed that my fantasies about sex were so sick that i could never share them with anyone.  It’s only been in this rebirth of the second half of my life that i began to be open to them.

3. Have you ever done anything with the spanking or domestic discipline communities?

Done anything, like what?  Like written for them?  How would I even do that?  Played with them?  I don’t think so – like, could I go get spanked in a spanking community?  Probably not… No, that doesn’t make sense, I know a DD community is not going to do anything with me…

i’m a little leery of domestic discipline anyhow(with apologies to anyone that’s in that community.)  Reading about it often turns me on – you know, there’s always discipline and spanking, so that’s all good.  i like the idea of it.

But it seems to be gender-based and based on Biblical “wives submit…” standards, and they seem to think those standards should apply to all relationships.  i think that if you believe God says you have to submit, it’s not fully consensual, and if you think that one-woman-one-man model with the man as Dominant should apply to everyone, you’re not allowing for the vast range of human sexuality and relationship style that exists.

Does that even answer that question?

{After i wrote that, Jade and i had some conversation about what she was talking about – thanks, Jade.  It was a good suggestion apparently, there are spanking communities that are separate from the BDSM community and it might be fun to look at doing something with them.

Of course, that also means i would need to look at what my kink really is… and that’s another question for another time.}


2 thoughts on “Jade’s Questions: Part I

  1. SirQs MLB

    Fabulous answers. Yes, I know of spanking communities elsewhere…they sound wonderful! As to your kink… here’s the thing…IT’S MARCH!!

    So….another question??? hehehehe

    What is your kink Miss Sofia?


  2. jadescastle

    Nice answers. i’m glad we had a chance to chat and wish i had been more clear to begin with. 🙂 i think community is very important to our relationship and i hope you find or rediscover friends/couples who live more like you do (or want to).

    Many hugs. i’m sure i’ll have more questions but am brain dead this moment. Nap time, i thinkl


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