March – Q & A Month!!

Ask me a question – any question (unless it will “out” me) and I’ll be glad to answer it.  i may not know the right answer, but i’ll make up something.

Go ahead – starting right now!  Bring them on…


12 thoughts on “March – Q & A Month!!

  1. SirQs MLB

    YEA!!!!! Questions Questions Questions!!!!!


    1. What do you enjoy most about submission?
    2. What do you struggle most with about submission?
    3. What do you like being struck the most with?
    4. Where does your name come from?
    5. What’s your favorite candy?


  2. jadescastle

    1. Do you go to MAsT or other supportive community gatherings together?
    2. When did you start writing fantasies?
    3. Have you ever done anything with the spanking or domestic discipline communities?
    4. Do you believe in past lives? If so, do you think you have known your Sir in a previous life?
    5. What kind of love languages do you speak?
    6. What have you learned about yourself from being in a D/s relationship?

  3. abby

    1. When did you first realize you were submissive?

    2. What words make you feel immediately submissive?

    3. If you could plan a play time….how would you want to start? What would you positively not want to include?

    hugs abby

  4. Jz

    Well, due to my current mindset, I’m not up for “submissive” questions but it looks like the others have that covered, anyhow. So…

    -What is your “go-to” book when you need to be distracted?

    -What sort of decor makes you the most comfortable?

    -Adventure trek or luxury hotel?

    -The mandala in your header pic – is it one you own? And what form is it in? I’m assuming some sort of fabric (rug, hanging) but I’m not certain…

    -As a special treat, you are allowed to relive the happiest day of your life and the happiest week of your life…
    Do they overlap?
    Could you tell us what they would be?

  5. Raven

    How did you come to terms with your submission? and what advice would you give to another woman struggling with it, or wanting to try submission?


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