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Re-blogging this from a post on Tumblir – enjoy.  Feel free to discuss – with respect of course.  I’m betting you already know that i agree with her.tumblr_mz5p6p5wL81sdkjujo1_1280

Feel free to sexually harass me if you’re male. You know what they say “Boys will be boys.”. Although I’m not sure any of you will want to do that since I’m not very modest, therefore not attractive.

The new principal at my school used two phrases while addressing new dress code rules to a class.

“Modest is hottest.” and “Boys will be boys.”

He should have said something more along the lines of: “The school dress code was established to provide our students with a safe and orderly learning environment that is free from distractions.”

Let’s start with the phrase “Modest is hottest.” Shall we?

Modest-Having or showing a moderate estimation of one’s own talents, abilities, and value.

If modest is hottest, then it’s not modest.

You are literally sending the message to young girls, who are already struggling with self confidence, that hiding their body makes them more attractive. You are establishing a sense of shame in these young, developing minds and bodies. A human has the right to wear whatever they feel comfortable in. Showing less skin doesn’t make you any more attractive. Showing more skin does not make you any less attractive. When someone calls you attractive that just means that they are attracted to you.

At what point in your career did you find it appropriate to define my “hotness”? Why are you at all concerned with how “hot” I am? You are teaching us, through modesty, to be objects of sexual arousal. I’m sorry, but I don’t dress myself to look “hot” for anyone. I dress myself as a way of expressing myself and my body. “If covering up my body is supposed to make people sexually/physically attracted to me, then how would those people feel if I decide to have sexual relations with them, without clothes on?” “How am I supposed to love and feel proud of my naked body and develop a sense of sexuality when exposing my body is deemed shameful and unattractive?” Since when should being “hot” be my concern. I don’t want to be with someone who just thinks I’m hot. I want to be with someone who loves and respects all the parts of my mind, personality, and body. THAT’S what you should be teaching, not “How to be hot.”.

My body is not a sinful temptation that needs to be hidden.
My body is not your personal, sexual object.
My body does not overshadow my character.
My body is not any more sexual than a man’s body.
My body is not here to look “hot” for you.

Next up is “Boys will be boys.”

Being a boy refers to your gender. That’s all.

It does not make you constantly sexually aroused, animalistic, or sexually uncontrollable, but for some reason society has come to the conclusion that you are this stereotype. This is extremely sad. This gender stereotype is unfair to all men. By telling them who they are as a man you are absolutely taking away their moral agency. “But he’s a teenager. He’s raging with hormones.” You don’t think I’m raging with hormones as well? Believe me I am. Men are not stupid. They are not unable to see when someone is not consenting to sex. It’s not ‘in their nature’ to rape because they are a man, it’s not ‘in their nature’ because IT’S WRONG TO RAPE SOMEONE. Raping someone is a cognitive choice. (how modestly the victim dresses does not affect them being raped). When the few people that do sexually harass people happen to be male and you use the excuse “Boys will be boys.” you are not only excusing their behavior, you are condoning it. It’s this “Boys will be boys.” mentality, culture, and attitude that condone sexual assault. Whenever the excuse “Boys will be boys.” is used, it’s just an exercise of male privilege. It’s this attitude that condones sexual assault. You are giving them a free license that makes it okay for them to be sexually violent, that says “Well I’m a boy, it’s just who I am.” Sex needs to stop being about “no no no bad dirty gross shameful” and start being about “Yes. Let’s have consenting sex because I want to.” Consent. THAT’S what you should be teaching, not “Well you know how they are… Boys will be boys!”

Boys are not sexually uncontrollable.
Boys do not have a genetic, animalistic, violent nature.
Boys are not born with a natural desire for destruction or control.

Despite what society and culture keeps trying to cram down everyone’s throat, having a penis doesn’t make it okay to sexually harass someone. The false idea that men can’t control themselves is so unfair and completely ridiculous.
The next day He called me down to his office to discuss my concerns. (Students and teachers told him about it, which I expected)
I spent a good hour and a half arguing with the principle about his comments when he called me down to his office, today. I offered to send him what I posted if he was interested in reading it. He said “No, that won’t be necessary.” I explained to him that I wanted him to read what I wrote and I would appreciate it if he did. He said “No, I don’t really care to read it. That’s okay.”

I asked him what he meant by the phrase “boys will be boys” and he explained that if a girl is inappropriately dressed that it can lead to inappropriate, sexual touching and staring (sexual harassment). If a boy chooses to sexually harass someone, it’s his choice no matter what his gender is.
He explained to me that boys are more “wound up” than girls are. I didn’t quite understand what he meant by that so I asked him for a different adjective and after a minute of mumbling he chose the word “aggressive” but then followed that up with “…well I don’t think that’s the correct word to use…”. I agree, not the best word to use, eh?

I asked him to explain why boys are different than girls in this regard and he said “Well to start, all boys are attracted to girls…” I interrupted with “No. There are actually boys who are attracted to other boys.” He laughed and said “Oh, yes of course!”… I guess that part must have slipped his mind.

I asked him, in general, what the difference is between girls and boys. He said that boys “misbehave more” and are “outgoing”. He said that girls are “reserved”. That’s all. That’s the word he used, “reserved”. Boys and girls are different because they have different organs and hormones. Being a girl doesn’t automatically make me reserved. Just like being a boy doesn’t make you automatically misbehave. I explained to him that by using the phrase “Boys will be boys.”, he is excusing and condoning bad behavior from boys, such as sexual harassment and rape. “But that’s not reality, that’s your opinion.” he said.

He explained that his daughters “behave” and that his nephews were disrespectful… because they are boys. I said “That has nothing to do with their gender. They act that way because of how they were raised, the environment they are living in, and the choices they make.”

I told him that the phrases he used were sexist and stereotypical and unfair to all genders. I explained to him that many students and people of society were offended by what he said and the phrases he used. I told him that I thought he should apologize for what he said and explain to students and society that this kind of message is not okay or appropriate.

He said he wouldn’t apologize for that, but he would give me an apology, which was “I’m sorry you feel that way.”

After he dodged almost every question I asked by sharing his plans to improve LHS, he decided that he had had enough of not being able to answer my questions or concerns and ended our discussion by saying “I’m going to end this discussion.” and I was sent back to class.
There is so much wrong with what this principal is doing that I can’t even list it, but yeah here’s your takeaway:
He explained that his daughters “behave” and that his nephews were disrespectful… because they are boys. I said “That has nothing to do with their gender. They act that way because of how they were raised, the environment they are living in, and the choices they make.”
They are disrespectful because you have specifically told them they can do whatever they want and you will excuse it because they’re boys!
Lakeland Senior High School and his name is Mr. Martinez

5 thoughts on “Reblogging – Cause We Cool

  1. innocuous37

    Hmmm, My view will be politically incorrect here, but somehow I feel compelled to say it. Boys ARE different from girls. Not every boy from every girl… but the average boy from the average girl. We can ignore that fact, we don’t need to accept all the crap and expectations that come with the difference, but they are different.

    As the mother of teenage boys, I do sometimes feel (and express) that “boys will be boys”. Which does not condone any actions. I hope that they would not feel it gives them licence to do anything, I hope they’ve been raised to understand that no means no. However they are interested in girls, more distracted by the physicality of girls than girls are with boys. I think girls tend to be more interested in the romance of boys.

    I think this principal is stereotyping, profiling. I think most of us do that in our lives and that it’s often useful in understanding the world in general, and often incorrect in understanding specific individuals.

    And I think that it’s fine to decide in high school that you don’t want to be bound by stupid things like modesty and reputation. But you may want them back later, or you may not. It’s hard to know what you’ll want when you’re 16.


  2. ytysreloaded

    sin made the perfect point, it hard to know what you want when you’re 16. I was absolutely distracted by the physicality of boys and girls. Bodies have always fascinated me.

    But, if it’s all about stating our viewpoints. The source of male aggression does not begin with the statement “boys will be boys”, it begins with a hundred other statements before that. “Stop crying, be a man” “Boys don’t wear that” “Boys don’t play with those things” and adversely “girls don’t sit that way” “Girls wear dresses, heels and makeup” “Girls don’t speak that way”. Because society gender types from the very start boys will actually be boys. Because it’s the example they were given. Just as girls will absolutely be girls. Except! When there is an emotional awareness that let’s our young people know, that gender typing is wrong. (Being LGTB, or asexual for that matter)

    This post makes my head spin at the dimness of the man in charge. But the I have to take a step back and realize he has had an entire lifetime of training, and COUNTLESS more unaware citizens who have always been allowed to “be a boy”.

  3. Wordwytch

    Great job on her part, and the principal should be fired. He creates a hostile environment… is sexally harrassing and promoting it all in one lump sum. argh….

  4. otkipling

    I agree that boys and girls are different. I see the “boys will be boys” statement as an explanation of the incredibly stupid things boys do to impress 1) girls or 2) other boys. It is not a justification of the actions nor should be taken as condoning the actions. It is simply an explanation that based upon the biological differences, boys will take actions which have extremely high risks and are viewed as incredibly stupid to others, and possibly themselves after the fact, simply to increase their social standing. Girls on the other-hand, will generally take lower risk actions to achieve similar increases in social standing.

    Lastly, the principle is a complete moron.The “modest is hottest” is terribly inappropriate for a male high school administrator to be saying about the underage girls at the school. The obvious connotation is that he only sees the girls as walking sex objects. This may not have been his intention, though when dealing with teenagers, who are trying to form their self-identity and are skeptical of authority, you must be extremely clear. The alliteration may have sounded good around the conference table of adults, a high school of teenagers will take the same statement a thousand different ways. Being a principle, he should know this and be very concerned with how he presents information and policies to the student body.

  5. jadescastle

    It seems that the principal really needs some education. i’d imagine he doesn’t have bad intentions but that doesn’t excuse willful disregard for poor treatment. The ‘modest is hottest” bothered me a great deal. Male privilege, much? It’s clearly not okay to comment about the “hotness” of any female that didn’t ask your opinion, much less young women. What is wrong with teaching, simply, that different environments have different expectations-for dress and behaviors? That puts the attention where it belongs, where male and female students are responsible to dress and conduct themselves like people getting ready for the work force and promoting an environment where it is conducive for education. Frankly, when the hormones start up, it is likely better for both genders to dress modestly. Girls look at boys (and for that matter other girls) too. As much as i don’t love the “boys will be boys” idea, would it be any better for him to be saying “oh, well, girls will be girls”? If so, then he should adopt that phrase as well and through out the code of conduct all together.


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