It’s Sunday, a beautiful day, sun’s shining, warm enough to be pleasant… So why am i sitting around all day like a slug?  Reading stuff on Facebook, getting nothing done?

Sir has gone to do some necessary things ~ as He left, He told me to relax and take it easy, to not try to get a bunch of stuff done.  But it wasn’t an order!  i could have still tackled any of the half-dozen things i need to get done.

i’m going out of town overnight tomorrow ~ if i don’t get stuff done today, it will be Wednesday before it gets done.  And here I sit.  I’ve read and reposted probably a half-dozen articles from Facebook – interesting ones, for sure.  But still.

Last night, Sir played with me again as He tucked me into bed.  He slapped my pussy, over and over, experimenting with doing it different ways, until He made me cum.  Then He covered me up and told me to get some sleep ~ i was out in about 10 seconds and didn’t wake up til morning!

i had planned to be soooo productive today.  And here i sit… haven’t exercised… not even writing a story or a fantasy.  Just piddling around.

Useless hag, i am.

i know, no point in calling myself names.  Sigh…  Ok, maybe i’ll have a cup of coffee and THEN start doing something… if that doesn’t work, maybe i’ll come back and whine some more.  i’m sure y’all would enjoy that.  {Um, not.}

Anyhow, hope you’re having a lovely day!

9 thoughts on “Sunday

    1. sofia Post author

      Funny girl – and yeah, i guess you’re right – lol.. i actually thought about that when i wrote that – giggling – i thought “at least Jz will know that i KNOW i’m doing it too!”


  1. abby

    Haven’t you heard….Sunday is a day of rest! I have spent my Sunday exactly as you have…so that makes me. a……..Have a safe trip.
    hugs abby

    1. sofia Post author

      Lol, abby, if you take the day to rest, it’s all good. It is only ME who isn’t supposed to do that! Thanks for the reality check/reminder though. 🙂


  2. Lady P

    The thing is ….he gave you permission, maybe even an order to “relax and take it easy” and even in that context it’s difficult for you to allow yourself to indulge. Other days you call yourself “The Queen of Procrastination” in this blog, when you do the same relaxing non-things, while you tell yourself you should be doing something else.
    Either way – you’re not really allowing yourself to relax and do nothing , whether you “cheat” or you’ve been given time to relax. Why is that? I’m pretty sure you think other people are entitled to relaxation – why not you?
    Why not accept His gift to you? A day off…
    With love,
    Lady P

    1. sofia Post author

      Darn it, Lady P, not only do you have a really good point here, but you’ve inspired me to blog a response to you. Well, to you and about this. Thanks. 🙂



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