Old and New Favorites

i understand that i can expect a caning in a little while here, as soon as Sir wakes up and has some coffee.  “An English caning,” He says.  So of course i have to google that.

Here’s one description from this website:

English caning is called that because it’s the style developed in the English “Public” school as a punishment. The stroke is a full arm strike, rather than the usually wrist and forearm strike in “American” caning. English canes are made of rattan, but have that curved handle, like a shepherder’s wand. They are usually a bit longer than American style straight canes. It also is marked by being almost a formal and ritualized punishment. The strokes are commonly given in sets of six. “Six of the best” is the refrain of those mean schoolmasters. For a real “English Caning Scene” the punishee would only drop their pants and bend over a desk. It’s done in a very ritualized manner. The target area is the part of the bottom that contacts a chair in a sitting posture, and only the top four or five inches of thigh. (Part of the punishment was the student having to sit on the cane welts in class without squirming.) The strokes are delivered at measured intervals. Since it takes about 45 seconds to fully process the stroke, the strokes are usually delivered at about 30 second intervals for maximum pain. (You’re still processing stroke 1, when stroke two hits.) The strokes are straight across both buttocks, and it’s a matter of pride to get them quite straight. Some practitioners like the “five barred gate” effect which is five parallel strokes with the sixth stroke crossing the first five at an angle. (Often there will be slight bleeding where the welts cross as the second impact on the orignal welt breaks open the skin.

That sounds pretty scary – to me, anyhow, but i’m pretty sure that Sir won’t actually leave any welts, much less make me bleed.  That is totally not His style.  i’m sure it’s gonna hurt though.

While i wait for that, i have cookies to bake still {i know, it’s late, but not too late} and laundry to do.  i thought i’d share a couple of favorite Xmas songs with you, you know, while i wait.

This one is new to me ~ Stuck in the Smoke Hole of our Tipi ~ but i fell in love with it immediately:

And this is an old favorite ~ Dar Williams doing The Christians and the Pagans:

Whatever you’re doing, whether you’re celebrating this holiday or not, i hope you’re having a wonderful day!


6 thoughts on “Old and New Favorites

  1. sixofthebest

    I am very pleased that you are awaiting a beautiful Christmas present from Sir. I am even more pleased that it is to be a good caning. Yes, in my opinion the cane is the perfect corporal punishment implement for a naughty woman. It’s strokes stings to perfection, as it is given across a female’s naked bottom. I hope you will be wearing garter-belt and stockings, that will accent that voluptuous naked rear end of yours to the fullest view for him. Seasons Greetings, and may the New Year 2014, bring many more spanking good times, to you and Sir.

  2. Jz

    I don’t quite know how to respond to a joyful song about Santa being skinned and roasted, tempting tho’ that thought is some days at the mall…

    Merry Christmas, my friend with unexpected depths…

  3. jadescastle

    Much love to you and hopes for an enjoyable caning, should such a thing be fully possible. At least the baking cookies part guarantees you don’t have to immediately sit down. Keep baking, woman! Slowly! 😛
    I hope you have a delightful holiday with your Sir. Your tree is lovely!


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