Tis the Season…

i love Christmas.

Sir used to not like Christmas, but we’ve had a couple of good years now, and He is no longer going “bah humbug” regularly.   I deeply appreciate His willingness to put aside many years of negative experience and be open to the pleasures of the season.

So we’re actually doing two celebrations this year – Xmas Eve with His kids and grandkids, Xmas Day with my family.  I’m excited about all of it ~~

~~ and i haven’t had a chance to write here at all.  i’m planning to do better in the New Year, but until then, i leave you with this ~~


5 thoughts on “Tis the Season…

  1. innocuous37

    I love Christmas too. I’m often struck by how many people do not. I agree it would be easy to get caught up in the bad of it (and there is some of that – too much commercialism, too many social obligations), but oh I love the day itself, a family day where we all give each other our best selves. I love it.

  2. monkey

    I love Leon Redbone! Thank you so much for this aural gift. I have trouble with the lead up to Christmas, but oh, do i have fun on the day itself. Merry , Merry Christmas sofia!


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