“Don’t,” he says.


He takes one step toward me and I catch my breath, his hand in my hair takes my breath away completely.  He smiles, sweetly.  “That would be, ‘no, Sir?’ for you, my little slut, and make sure there’s a question at the end, right?  Wouldn’t want me to think you’re telling me ‘no.'”

“O,” i gasp, flustered, “No ~ Sir ~ um, yes, no, Sir, i’m not telling you no!

He tilts my head back, a steady pull on my hair right at the nape of my neck controlling the angle of the tilt.  With my face up towards him, i think for a moment that he will kiss me, he is that close.  I am acutely aware of his body, not quite touching me, but so close.

He smiles again, shakes his head.  “You have a lot to learn,” he says.

I think his eyes can see through me, and i flush, embarrassed and ashamed.  i am so new to this.

i have never done this before.  Not like this.

He releases me then.  “Now,” he says, “you may continue making your bed while I watch.  You are not to cover yourself, or try to hide your body in any way.  Is that clear?”

“Yes!  Yes, Sir,” i say.  i am acutely aware of the heat between my thighs.  i want to giggle and i feel like i should curtsey or something and i’m horrified to realize id really like to be on my knees with his cock in my mouth.

i can’t believe i feel this way…

3 thoughts on “Don’t

  1. vanillamom

    Fantasy? REality? A beautiful blending of each? Whichever it is? It’s fucking *hawt*. Nicely put, and made me get that hot spot right….well…you know. 🙂



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