Asking the Right Questions

Last night, Sir and i were up really late.  With Thanksgiving today, we didn’t have to get up early, and we’d gone out for a while with friends, so it was well after midnight before i crawled into bed.

Sir wasn’t far behind me, and i thought He was tired too, but before He got in bed, He tied my ankles together.  THAT was a surprise.  He told me i could wake Him up to untie me if i had to pee, and i said, “in the middle of the night?” and He said,

“Either that or i can get you a bucket.”

Quickly, i said, “i can wake you up, Sir.”

He got in bed, and as He curled up behind me, i thought we’d both fall asleep in a minute.  But no.  He began to pinch my nipple.  The right nipple.  Mmmmm.  Mmmmm.

MMMMMM!  He pinched soooo hard, just for a second, but omg!  Left me breathless.

Then – let the games begin – he’s stroking and tugging, gently but firmly.  “What do you think?” He says, “Should I pinch real hard again? What do you think?”

“What ~ um, what do i think, Sir?  i think, um…” He is still stroking, same nipple, gently but with a hint of things to come…  “i think, um, you should do what ever you want to do!” i say, a bit pleased with myself for coming up with that response.

He laughs, “Well, yeah, that’s right, but what do you think I’m going to do?  Do you think I’m going to pinch real hard again, or not?”

“Do i think you’re going to?  Um, i don’t ~ um ~ i don’t know.”

“Well, what do you think?”  Stroking… tugging… i can feel the heat spreading to my pussy, with my legs tied together there’s friction on my clit and mmmmm, it feels so good… and He’s still tugging and pinching lightly.

“Yes, Sir,” i gasp, “i think you are going to.”

“You do?’


i’m laughing and gasping and ~ “Yes, Sir,” i say.

i settle down, and He keeps playing with my nipple and just as i’m getting all hot and squirmy again, He says, “Do you think I’m going to do it again?”

i hesitate, but as best i can figure this, there’s no advantage to me saying “no.”  “Yes, Sir,” i say, “i think you’re gonna do it again.”

He pauses, He toys with me, He teases, and then ~


He does it again. O, o, o, o!  It HURTS.  But just for a second.  Then, as i start feeling hot again, and close to an orgasm maybe He says, “Do you think I’m going to do it again?”

And i giggle, “Yes, Sir, yes, i do…” and He does and THEN

He says, “Would you like to suck my cock?” and i say, “YES, SIR,” with great enthusiasm.  It was a long, lovely while before either of us got to sleep.

Today, as we were driving to our Thanksgiving event, He says, “You didn’t seem to have any trouble answering my question last night – about whether or not i was going to hurt your nipple again.”

“No, Sir,” i say.  “i figured if i said “no,” that i didn’t think you would, you’d just see that as a challenge and do it anyhow.   Didn’t seem much advantage to that.

“Hmmm,” He says, “I guess I was asking the wrong question.  Next time, I guess I’ll ask you which nipple you think i’m going to do.  Don’t you think that would be better?”

i’m halfway giggling, “i guess, Sir.”

He nods, “Yes, I think so, because you know, it’s like the Higgs boson – you know what they say about the Higgs bosun, right?”

i shake my head, no, i don’t know, i have no idea where He’s going with this..

“Well, they say you can predict either when it’s going to happen or where it’s going to happen, but not both.  When OR where, not both. Just like nipples, right?”  And He laughs.

Oh.  Of course.  Nipples ~ Higgs bosun ~ just alike.


Hope everybody had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  🙂   i’m grateful for you, my dear friends in the blogosphere.   You enrich my life in ways that i can’t even find words for.  i’m so glad you’re there.  Thank you.

16 thoughts on “Asking the Right Questions

  1. Wordwytch

    LOL! Wolf is like that with my nipples. I’ll share the Higgs Bosun joke with him too…
    Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving and I am so glad that you are a friend. 🙂

  2. abby

    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving…it sure got off to a good start! I am si happy you joined our blogging family!
    hugs abby

  3. faithfulreader2

    Sounds like you a perfect night- giggles and pain.. what a combination!

    Happy Thanksgiving weekend!



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