Prescription for Sleep?

A glass of wine, He says, and a spanking.  That’s what i’m having tonight.

Last night, we both got home from work early, ate dinner earlier than usual, watched a movie on His computer (i forget what it was called, but it was very cute) and went to bed – about 8:30.   Which was lovely, until about 12:30, when I woke up.

And stayed up.  Couldn’t sleep.

Got up for a while, went back to bed.  Lay there… til i couldn’t take it anymore.

Repeat that process – get up for a while, do some work til my eyes get heavy, lie back down.  No. Still no sleep.

Lie there and try to convince myself that rest is a good thing too.  Who needs sleep?


Finally, the alarm goes off – might as well get up, right?

A little crazed right now ~ 2:30 p.m., but hanging in there.

Tonight ~ a glass of wine and a spanking.  Sounds like just what i need.

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