Loving our Lurkers and Looking for Input

i always miss Love our Lurkers Day, but this time i missed it by days.  i’m so sorry – maybe i need to put it on my calendar for next year.  But i love my lurkers and love comments and would love for you to step out and say hi.  Don’t be shy… just a simple “hello.”

i started as a lurker, long ago, or at least it seems like long ago, and then i got totally sucked into the cyber world and now, here i am.  i’ll tell that story sometime maybe, but for now, i just want to wave “hi,” at all of you.  Even if you don’t “come out” of your lurker closet, i’m glad you’re here!!

Thank you for reading.


On a whole different note:

Last night, Sir decided that maybe I needed some more hints about what’s in store for me with the two gifts, both of which are still locked in His trunk.  i think i told you ~ one of the things ~ the one He said was “cute” ~  involved nipples.  And He had already told me that the nipple-things weren’t clamps, which totally baffled me.  Last night, He laughed at me.

“Really?”  He says.  “You don’t know about anything else for nipples except clamps?”

“No, Sir,” i say, feeling foolish, “i don’t.  Really.  What are they??”

“I’m not telling you,” He says.  “Maybe you better go ask your blog friends about it.”  And He laughs.

So fine.  Here i am.  What is it???  Something for nipples that will be cute and that isn’t clamps…  Enquiring minds want to know.

10 thoughts on “Loving our Lurkers and Looking for Input

  1. errantsatiety

    Firstly apologies, as my tablet is misbehaving and posting before I have finished a comment it now looks like I am perhaps suggesting that the ‘nipple’ item is related to silent readers??… Doubtful. I like that there are still things that you will discover because your Sir offers them…

  2. vanillamom

    well, of course there are pasties… LOL…but I’m wondering about “suckers”…that got their first usage as snake-bite-venom-draw-ers. You squeeze them, slip them over the nips, and they supposedly hold on coz of the vacuum. Not painful, but erotic. I’ve never tried them, but they look intriguing. And how long did you spend looking at nipples on the internet toy sites last night, hmmm? LOL! And belated LOL greetings…though I’m hardly a lurker here. 🙂


    1. Jz

      (hijacking for a moment)
      not painful can depend on skill in using them.
      I once raised a walloping good blister on myself with those little suckers…

      1. vanillamom

        oooh, that’s good to know. I don’t have a pair, I’ve only spoken to another sub that used them, and read about them.

        nilla, wondering *where* that blister was….hmmm? lol!


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