Too Close to the Flame

“Like a moth” i thought.  Like a moth, i had gotten too close to the flame.  Drawn in by his warmth, seduced by his charm.  And, ok, maybe by my own desire too.

But i had not expected this.

Lying naked on the table, the men gathered around me.  Before they had blindfolded me,  the light had shone directly on me, they were in the shadows, so i am not sure even how many of them there are.  Three i think.

My lover.  And two more.  Maybe three more.

The hands stroking the inside of my thighs make me catch my breath.  They move up, slowly but certainly, toward the cleft in my thighs.  i do not know whose hands they are.

They had shaved me quite bare, and made me examine myself in a mirror.   i am not yet comfortable with my nakedness there.

But there is no chance of covering myself.  My hands are bound together with rope, and fastened to a post at the head of the table.  My ankles are tied as well, but forced apart and fastened to a – a “spreader bar” i think it’s called.

i can move my hips however, and much to my shame, i feel them lifting off the table, raising my pussy toward the hands that have suddenly stopped touching  me.  i want more – wantonly – i want the hands back.

i am so fucking hot.

But a smack lands between my legs instead of the caress i was seeking.  A hard smack, and not with a hand, maybe with a ruler?  Or a wooden spoon?

i don’t know, but i cry out, as they had intended.  i hear him laugh, my lover who has put me here.

“Patience, little slut,” he says, with easy affection.  “It is my choice how you are touched, and when.  You’d do well to remember that.”

The hands begin again, i think two men are each taking one thigh, the touch is so different, one hand is larger and more gentle, stroking softly, while the smaller hand massages firmly.  i whimper.

“Do you want something, little slut?” he says.  But then, before i can answer – if i even wanted to –  he thrusts his thumb in my mouth.  My pussy throbs, and i suck.   Gently, then harder, trying to arouse and please him.  Swirling my tongue on the thumb, i suck as if this is the only thing in the world that matters.

And maybe at that moment it is.

Even my pussy – wet and needy, longing to be touched, to be filled, aching with desire – is not as important as my desire to please this man.

“Too damn close to the flame,” i think, and then my mind is completely filled with the sensation of his thumb in my mouth.

10 thoughts on “Too Close to the Flame

  1. Sexuallysubmissivewomsn

    Very hot story! It turned me on even though I’m terrified of this scene and have managed to avoid it so far. I have played with women with Sir but as far as men go, I can’t wrap my head around it. I do submit to him though so if he says it will happen, it will happen. I love reading about your adventures and have learned a lot 🙂

    1. sofia Post author

      Oh, I hear you, Sexuallysubmissive woman (SSW?) – i don’t think i want this to happen either – that’s the beauty of fantasy, right? i’m glad you’re enjoying my adventures though! Thanks for reading and for commenting.

  2. vanillamom

    This was one hot little vingnette…I love your fiction voice…it’s direct, tells just enough —and is fucking hawt. Totally turned me on, and I was totally not expecting it. You got me! What a lovely bit of naughtyness to start my day. 🙂



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