At Breakfast…

Not with Sir, but with a group of friends that I have breakfast with every Saturday morning.  We had just gotten our checks.  The man sitting across from me is a really nice person with a quirky sense of humor and maybe a kink or two.

He looks at his bill and says, totally deadpan, “Well, I see the subtotal, but where’s the Dom total?”

When I burst out laughing, he adds, “I didn’t even know we were keeping score like that!”

Nobody else laughed – I can’t imagine why…  do you think I just outed myself?


17 thoughts on “At Breakfast…

  1. innocuous37

    He might be a reader and know it that way as Jz says… but I think it’s more likely that you just outed yourself. I guess he did too though.

    (I always think that about Subway – where’s the Domway?)


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