The Benefits of Massage Tools

Sir has some back issues, which bother Him more sometimes than others, and has been having a particularly hard time with it lately.  So He bought an electric massager, complete with four different heads.   He’s been letting me use it on Him at night, and it seems to be helping some.

Last night, He came to tuck me in ~ He was watching some black-and-white videos that were made in the late 1930’s and staying up longer ~ but He came to tuck me in.  With the massager.

“Turn over,” He says.  “Come on, on your stomach.”

Obediently, i roll, and He starts massaging my back.  Works His way up and down my legs.  I’m already purring with contentment when He tells me to turn over ~

“On your back,” He says.

He starts with the front of my thighs, and then runs the massager up my inner thighs.  Arriving finally at the cleft between my legs ~~

~~ where He places the head of the massager right where it optimally stimulates my clit, just the right amount, not too directly, but just enough that i can push my hips up a tiny bit and wiggle myself into a lovely big orgasm, and a couple of more small ones.

i sleep really well after that!  Not long enough, ok, but really well.  Thank you, Sir….

11 thoughts on “The Benefits of Massage Tools

  1. vanillamom

    Ooooooh…that’s so nice! I was holding my breath there for a minute or two as He worked your back..hoping…and I was just wondering if I should invest in one of those…


    for my back, of course.



  2. Sexuallysubmissivewoman

    Lucky girl! I was actually thinking if taking a massage class so I could give strategic massages. They offer a day class near me that teaches the basics. You have reinspired me to look into that again. I would love to get the massager too. That way everyone could share in the fun 🙂

    1. sofia Post author

      Yeah, Sexually submissive woman, massage classes would be pretty cool. i bought a book once on how to give massages, but um, actually i never read it. Just looked at the pictures once… Let me know if you take the classes!

      And thanks for commenting!


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