Regrets? I Have a Few…

I missed the window of opportunity to nominate people for the top 100 Sex Blogs.  Just completely missed it.  i am a Dumb Ass.

i’m behind on responding to comments again.  i love comments, and i love responding.  It’s just slipped off my plate.  Again.

Last night, Sir came home from work in the mood for some kink, and i was all distracted by something with my granddaughter, and instead of getting spanked, Sir took me out to  buy something that resolved my concern.  It was a sweet and loving thing for Him to do, and i deeply appreciate it, but i wish i could have done that and played too.

Instead, He tucked me in bed later with a series of quick orgasms that put me to sleep like the proverbial ~ um, the proverbial baby?  Whatever.  i slept like the dead.  But i didn’t have the opportunity to pleasure Him, and that makes me sorry and sad.  i’m hoping i’ll get to make up for that soon.

{Just for the first few lines, i include this from Frank Sinatra.  Who, i hear, may be the father of Mia Farrow’s son.  Who knew?  Who cared???}

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