Little Moments

The other night, Sir went to bed before i did.  When I finally finished whatever the heck i was doing and went to crawl in bed, i discovered He was sleeping with my pillow on top of his own two pillows.  So He had three pillows, i had none.

Gently, i tug at a corner of my pillow.  It doesn’t budge, He doesn’t stir.

i tug again.  Nope.  Nothing ~ no movement.

Ok, yes, i could go to sleep without my pillow, but really?  Does he need 3 pillows?  i don’t think so.

i tug harder, insistently, and Sir moves, He lifts His head a bit and says, “Did you want your pillow?”

i gasp ~ “O!” and whisper, “Um, yes, Sir, i’m sorry, i didn’t mean to wake you up, but i do need my pillow.”

And He laughs.  Out loud, a full laugh.  “You didn’t mean to wake me up?” He says, handing me the pillow.   “How could you not?  I purposely took your pillow so you’d have to wake me up.  I didn’t want to miss this moment, miss you coming to bed.”

And He pulls me closer to Him, grasps my wrists, and lets me snuggle into the curve of His body, as He falls back asleep.


33 thoughts on “Little Moments

    1. sofia Post author

      He is one of a kind – and it’s taken me so long to respond to comments that when you wrote this you probably didn’t know you would be off on your own great adventure soon!


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