At His Feet

We were alone in the house last night.  i got home late from work, tired, and Sir was tired too. So we were sitting side-by-side in the study, as we do, about ready for bed.

Then, “Watch this,” He says.  “This is what I was telling you about.”

The video is about the boat schools in Bangladesh.  He’d learned about them the day before, while he was researching solar panels as an energy source.  He’s fascinated by the impact the boat schools and solar energy are having on people in Bangladesh, and it is amazingly cool.

So I’m watching the brief video, and He’s explaining more about it, and I’m suddenly flooded with a rush of love for this man, my Sir, who is so excited about this, who is such a good person, who takes care of me in so many ways…

…and i’m overwhelmed with a need to sit at His feet.

So i do, i slip off my chair and settle myself at His feet to finish watching the video.

He strokes my hair, and i feel safe and happy.

When the video is over, He lets me take His shoes off.  It feels good to do it.

We go to bed soon after that ~ this is not a story of being thoroughly spanked and used.  i just sat at His feet and took His shoes off.

When i remember that today, i feel good.  i’ll carry that feeling with me today.

19 thoughts on “At His Feet

  1. vanillamom

    in our dark little corner of the world, it’s easy, I think, to forget that submission is just as much about these small things as it is about the more spectacular ones. Thank you for sharing this intimacy with us, and reminding us that this, too, is the face of submission. The spectacular titillates and arouses–but things like this are what knit a relationship.



  2. Erin

    It really is the simple things that make the relationship what it is. Honestly one of my favourite parts of my day is when I am taking his shoes off at the end the day.


  3. Wordwytch

    We are entering a crazy week with double work for Wolf. This means little time for us, but like you with taking of your Sir’s shoes, we cherish little things. Making him tea, being his teddy bear at night, getting his clothes in the morning.


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