Today, i’m going to take it easy.

All i’m going to do is buy a new refrigerator, babysit for a little while this morning, write a proposal for a workshop that’s due on Monday, and babysit for a while tonight.    Yep.  That’s it – i’m not doing anything else.

Oh, well, wait, a blog post for my vanilla blog, yeah, i need to do that.  And do something about the chaos and clutter that’s in my so-called living room.  And exercise.  And do laundry so i’ll have clothes to wear next week.

But that’s it.  i’m not doing anything else today.

Although, hmmmm, a nap would be nice.  Do you think i can work a nap in there somewhere?

11 thoughts on “Today

  1. sin

    Sounds busy-is- good luck with the nap. And you are such a good mom with the babysitting!

    I was happy to see you had posted. I miss the posts – which is meant not to pressure you, but to stroke you.


  2. Wordwytch

    Nap when the baby naps! I’m on a “take it easy” day. Screwed up my shoulder and Wolf has been giving me the “And what do you think you’re doing?” look. Have a great day dear!

      1. Wordwytch

        The take it easy day was okay. 🙂 A few hiccups, but not bad. As for the shoulder… it will take time. Wolf measures how well I’m doing by how easy/difficult it is for me to get dressed. (bras! grrr!)


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