Ok Maybe Not

So i asked Him this morning, while we were both getting ready for work, and i was thinking about how i’m working til 9 pm tomorrow night (dinner meeting) and have an 8 a.m. breakfast meeting Wednesday and thinking about how much i work, and hmmmm, maybe ~ possibly ~ maybe i could be wrong, maybe we just don’t have time to spend together and He does smack my ass around the house when we’re by ourselves and i ~ don’t ~ know ~~~~

so i just said, “Hey, Honey, are you still attracted to me?”

And He said, “YES ~ why do you ask that?  Did I hurt your feelings?  Say something or do something to make you think that?  What happened?”

And i said, “Nooooo, you didn’t do anything, i just, i just…”

And He said, “What?” And He put His arms around me and smacked my ass a couple of times, and said, “I can’t believe you asked me that!” and then He let go and said, “You know, we don’t really have a lot of time to spend just being together.  But yes, I’m still attracted to you.  In fact, the way I feel about you, the roots of that get deeper all the time.”

So you know.  i might of, could have been wrong.  But i sure was convinced!  And i sure am grateful for all the support from you all.  And i still could have been right. But you know, maybe not.


14 thoughts on “Ok Maybe Not

  1. abby

    Sounds positively like a yes to me. Take it from someone who knows first hand, it is hard when life interferes with our needs. Hang in there
    hugs abby

  2. vanillamom

    aww…now see? You made me cry. Okay you didn’t “make” me…but it happened anyway. I do this. Not as much as I used to. He’s worked hard to cure me of it. Ergo the “hairy eyeball look” and bite a month back at our little coffee shop. So I understand. I really do. I would have pointed out that YOU are going about a million miles an hour these days…but you didn’t want logical. So I did the second part and stfu’d. 🙂

    Sending hugs…


    1. sofia Post author

      My dear wise friend ‘Nilla,

      You’re right, i wouldn’t have *heard* logical – just couldn’t. Sorry i *made you* cry and thanks for understanding, as always!

  3. Wordwytch

    I’m right there with Nilla. You and I live with our Sirs, and some days boring Vanilla life just overwhelms us. We fall into that rut and because we live with them doesn’t mean we don’t get needy.

    I have my days when I wonder if Wolf and I will ever have playtime… of any sort. I get moody and frumpy and then he walks up and hugs me and I just melt. He holds me and if we are lucky, we carve out some US time. And then he reminds me to Communicate. And swats my ass. 🙂

    Glad things are getting better. Hugs!

  4. Sexually Submissive woman

    It’s amazing how living a life of D/S really brings you closer to your partner. Just the trust involved and the safety of being able to reveal your true nature to someone despite the fact that it is outside the norm is such a deep bonding experience!
    Your guy seems like the perfect blend of firm yet sweet. Definitely the best kind of Dom 🙂


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