A Quickie

Noooo, not that kind of quickie.  This isn’t really a sex blog anymore.  Sorry.

But i’m feeling better, have shaken off the odd feeling that lingered the other day, and am busy doing all kinds of fun things.  Work things, family things, things with friends.  Proposals for conferences, clients, workshops and training.

Life is swell.  No, it really is.


Sex?  Kink?  D/s?

O, gosh, no, i don’t do those things anymore.  i know, it’s only been a week since the thing with the cane, but really, i’m not even feeling kinky anymore.

Really – i don’t feel it anymore.

See, this is why i don’t post.  i’m not even having fantasies.  i haven’t had an orgasm since Hector was a pup.  Well a little one a week ago.  But none for ages before that.

And i’m one of those that loses the desire.  A touch of orgasm denial will turn me on, but very much and i just lose interest.   Sometimes i think about masturbating because i think it would help me relax and sleep better, but then i don’t do it.

There are things that bother me, and things i want to do to fix them, but it seems like all my plans rely on someone doing something else first and i’m just stuck.  It’s not anyone’s fault, there are only so many hours in a day,  but.

Ok enough whining, and too much already.  This is why i’m not posting much.  Maybe i’ll start posting cute meme’s.   Or quotes.  Or something… or maybe i’ll just fade away.  No, not really.   But i’m pretty old, ya know, i might dry up and blow away…

Argh.  i really hate feeling this way.  And i ate all the ice cream already last night.  Work up at 3:00 this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep – ready for a nap now though.  Long day ahead of me…

13 thoughts on “A Quickie

  1. innocuous37

    I like reading your blog. Even when it’s not a sex blog anymore. Which, you’ll admit is the same as mine… When there’s no D/s I withdraw too. And just get on with other stuff. Returning occasionally, a bit resentfully, wondering why there’s no damn sex.


    1. Fondles

      it’s ok, even if it’s not a sex blog i’ll read. when i can muster up enough bother to turn on the computer.

      my last posts have been all about my whining and wondering what’s up with me and BIKSS and only the very last one saw some light at the end of the tunnel. and now he’s away. and i’m sex-less again.

      and i don’t even have any ice cream in the fridge.

    2. sofia Post author

      Thanks, Sin, i feel the same way about your blog! Yeah, nice description of what happens for us when we’re not feeling the connection.

  2. jadescastle

    The nearly universal anecdotal information supports the idea that for those of us who are wired to have s/m, the effects of having it infrequently are disastrous. It begs the question of why in the world any Dominant, knowing that it produces disconnected feelings, would allow it to occur. In the interest of fairness, i should point out that if i was the Master, i’d make it a top priority and find a way regardless of life circumstances. It’s that important to keeping the balance for a lot of us, on all sides.

  3. Jz

    You know I love you and I really do understand your pain…
    That said, however, I think I’m going to hand over my Queen of Catastrophization crown.
    I never thought I’d find anyone who warranted it more than me but,… I think you win!

  4. Wordwytch

    Lots of hugs and virtual ice cream! We have weeks like this and most times it is due to too many things piling up. Work, parents, pain-and/or illness… It wears you down and you wonder how on Earth did I live before?

    It will get better. Even though there is a price. You’ll find your groove. 🙂 HUGS!


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