i’m in this limbo-ish place.  Not feeling submissive, maybe a bit numb.  Not unhappy by any means, my life is lovely.  But ~~

~~ in some part of my self, i know there’s this whole other way of relating to my Sir that is not commonplace and mundane.  A space of time and perspective where things shift for me and there is an intensity of feeling that is different from where i am right now.

i want to be there.

Two more days.

7 thoughts on “Limbo

  1. sirqsmlb

    Oddly, being vanilla all the time for a long time seems to take a toll. Funny, when we were all vanilla at some point, huh?

    Jade said there was a dungeon-right? Talk to your Sir. Make sure he KNOWS how important some quality D/s time is, so that no moments are missed!!

    Go big or go home, as the saying goes.


  2. greengirliam

    What an elegant way to put this. We are in an in between space right now – the summer was difficult and the dynamic was more present because of that – to help me through that. Now that things are easing off, I think neither of us is adjusting so smoothly. But it will right itself, and that’s what i hear from this post – the wishing it weren’t so, but knowing it isn’t forever either. Good luck.

  3. jadescastle

    Numb is never good. What is under the numb feeling? Do you know? Time to connect fully without the pressure is so important. i’m looking forward to hearing about how great you will be feeling soon. i have total faith in you both in that way. 😉


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