National Orgasm Day

We missed it. It was Wednesday, July 31.  No, i’m not kidding.

National Orgasm Day.

Although, actually, by a lucky fluke, i had an orgasm or two on Wednesday night.  Daughter and grandchild were out of the house for the night, so some orgasms were had.

We started with some BDSM video clips ~ an easy warm-up after a long day at work when we’re both actually pretty low-energy.  Sir started doing this thing ~ now understand, we just watch the 10 minutes of the video that is free, the intro that’s supposed to make you want to pay for the whole video.  So He picks six or seven clips, and we start watching.

About 2 or 3 minutes into one, he says, “Let’s try another one,” and switches.  If i don’t say anything, we watch the next one.  But if i say, “No, wait a minute, can’t we finish this one, please, Sir?” then He knows He’s hit on one that appeals to me.  Clever man.


After that, there were nipple clamps, and kneeling, and other events which led to orgasms all around, so we did actually celebrate National Orgasm Day.  But since we didn’t realize that’s what we were doing, i think we need to do a belated, official celebration soon.

Did you celebrate?

8 thoughts on “National Orgasm Day

  1. sin

    I did have one, but didn’t know it was part of a larger celebration of “The Day”. But I think it should still count because it was a really good one!

  2. vanillamom

    missed it. Then again, I’m not getting so many o’s these days. I SAW it on facebook,and THOUGHT about how good an O would be (and who even KNEW there was a day just for the celebration of orgasms? Certainly not I!!)

    (I know can you believe that I didn’t know that?!)




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