Eleven O’Clock

By the time Sir finishes my ten o’clock spanking, i feel like my ass is on fire.  Stinging and burning.  He’d used the short leather strap ~ it’s about 12 inches by 4 with a short handle.   He kept hitting me on the lower part of my ass, and upper thighs, two on one side, then two on the other.

At the sixth blow, i’m begging him to stop, and he does, just long enough to ask me if i want to be gagged.  Which i don’t.  After that, i limit myself to whimpers and moans, an occasional squeal, which i know he doesn’t mind a bit.

i slip into that space then, you know, where it doesn’t hurt in the same way, it’s intense and focused and feels right.  Painful, but like i can take it for days.  Instead of wriggling to get away, i feel my ass rising to meet the strap.

He finally gets to ten, and lets me slide off his lap.  “There,” he says, “Nicely tenderized now.  Let me see if you’re moisturized too.”  He laughs, and slides a hand between my legs.  My cunt is soaked, and i could cum with almost no encouragement, but he pulls his hand away.

“Very nice,” he says, pinching my nipples hard.   “Would you like to suck my cock?’

“Yes, Sir,” and i realize it’s true, i really do want to.  Very much.  Vaguely, i realize there are still people around us, but i’m totally focused on him.

The focus increases as he pulls his cock out, stroking it, letting me near it without touching.  i can see a drop of cum on the tip, smell his musky maleness and i want to touch, to lick.  He wraps his fist in my hair, allows me close enough to let the tip of my tongue caress him.

“Slowly,” he says.  “Show me how well you can do this, take your time.”

Eager to please, i work slowly and carefully, licking the length of his cock, using the tip of my tongue first and then the whole tongue, sucking the head of his cock, and then taking him deep into my throat.  He lets me set the pace for a while, then begins to direct ~

~ harder and faster, filling my mouth ~~

~~  hitting the back of my throat, making me gag ~

~ over and over, fucking my mouth in his rhythm now, his time ~

until he cums, filling my mouth and i struggle to swallow, tears running down my face.

When he is finished, i rest my head on his thigh, he strokes my head.  “Good girl,” he says.

He lets me rest there for a bit.  He is talking to people around us, but i am lost in my own world of contentment.  My ass is tender and tingling, and i feel tired and well-used.

After a while, i don’t know how long, he grasps my hair, raising my head to look at him.  “Hey,” he says, “You need to grab some breakfast.  Go to the bathroom if you need to, there’s some food out in the kitchen for you, time’s flying by.  Here ~ i’ll help you up.”

He helps me to my feet, i am a bit shaky, almost disoriented.  Diana is there, i had not noticed her coming in, and Sir hands me off to her.  She takes my arm gently, steers me toward the bathroom.

She lets me clean up, even washing the rouge off with the bidet, which almost makes me cum. Then we head for the kitchen, where they feed me an egg and some cantaloupe and strawberries.

i’m starting to feel back to normal again, if you can call it *normal* to be walking around naked with a red ass and an aching, throbbing hot pussy.

Diana leads me to the study, where a number of people are relaxing, reading, working on computers, or serving and being served.   Sir is there, he smiles at me and my nipples get hard, my pussy throbs even more.

i gesture that i’d like to sit at his feet, but he shakes his head.  Dismayed, my eyes fill with tears, why does he not want me there?  Gently, he says, “There’s not time for that, little one.  Almost 11.”

As he says it, the clock begins to chime.   “Come,” says Diana.  She takes my hand and leads me to the front of the room.  A spanking bench, prominently displayed, and she helps me kneel up on it, bend over.

My Master joins us, he stands beside me, a hand in my hair.   i cannot see what Diana is holding, but it whistles through the air and lands hard on my right cheek.  It’s something wide,  maybe a belt?  A bit wider than the strap Sir had used.

i cry out, and Sir slides a finger into my mouth.  “Suck,” he says, and i do, as the next blow lands on the other cheek.

4 thoughts on “Eleven O’Clock

  1. sirqsmlb

    Oh to be open and the rules clearly defined. Mmmmmmm. What a lovely thought. It’s funny, I know many subs who would adore more formal training – I would guess Doms would enjoy being served …why aren’t there places like this? It sounds so….mmmmmmm, excuse me I need to cum 😉


  2. vanillamom

    i’m torn between “poor girl” and “lucky girl”….i feel her longing…for Him, to cum…all of that pent up confusion of service….”i want what He wants, but I have needs, too…” yeah. You write so eloquently of this struggle.




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